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Tour of Purilum


Toured Purilum’s E-liquid Development and Fulfillment Facility today and I was beyond impressed. Their scientific approach to flavor development should give any mixer a feeling of safety when using their products. Their focus on consumer safety as well as their quality control was very nice to see. The staff was more than welcoming to a rookie mixer as myself. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of purchasing their flavors or using any of their services.


I look forward to touring their facilities. From the pics and videos I’ve seen they look like a top notch business. Love their flavor line.


I hope they passed out free flavor samples in 15ml bottles !


No such luck,but it was nice to see a large scale operation.


Very nice! If I ever make it down there one of these days I’d love to see it as well! I love they’re flavors!


Is it Carolina based? If so, I may have to make a trip out. If it’s anywhere near Raleigh, I’m definitely going!


Carolina? I’m a few hours away,


It is in Greenville NC