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TPA Cheesecake Flavor


I use it in this recipe and it’s really good after a steep


I don’t even mix and I know that


Can’t be! She married you!



It’s burning tires extinguished with piss and throw up of spoiled carrots.


Taste is so subjective. I get blue cheese that has been stomped on by dirty feet then set on fire and extinguished with cat piss and throw up. I may have to get another bottle and see if i can get the burning tyre note - it has been awhile since I last tasted it

Edit: nope not in a million years I just couldn’t do it


You can do anything if you try


Nope, nope and nope if you do buy it please let me know if you could use it more than one time after your first


So what your trying to say is


LMAO :nauseated_face:

I’m still a little fuzzy here… Could you be more descriptive? :wink:


I used tfa cheesecake at 4%, double chocolate dark at 6%, sweet cream fa at 1%. It’s steeping now for about 4-5 days. Now you all scared me to try it :sweat_smile:


Sorry about that! chuckles
But, remember… Different strokes for different folks!

You might be one of the ones that likes it. OTOH, you may feel the same! Never know until you try it though! Don’t be afraid until you’ve tested it. :wink:
Good luck!


You use that word a lot, so Either you think about stroking all the time or.


Imagine, you are camping out and a big bonfire is going with four Tractor Tires. Then some dude walks over to the bonfire of tires and starts pissing on it all the while in mid stream he starts puking carrot stew. Directly above him, for some strange reason, you are in a tree stand taking in the vapors off of it. That’s TFA Cheesecake right there, I can’t think of a better way to be more descriptive.


No sprinkling used kitty litter on top?
No layer of limberger cheese?


That sound delicious! Of course I like the smell of skunk.


Thank you all for your replies, I have to be strong and try it!