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TPA Orange Cream Bar - any advice?


Hey friends, happy thanksgiving to those in the US side.

looking for your help with TPA’s Orange Cream Bar (not Orange Cream) - it’s a latest addition to my stash. i thought i’ll get an orange cream bar flavor from it - but what i got was a taste very similar to vaping the cotton wick with very little VG on it :frowning: - i tested it standalone at 8% than at 10% and 12%. same results

it’s this one here… very limited notes. 7 public recipes and 98 private

i failed to find any useful info googling the larger web.
am i using too much? is this what it is supposed to taste like? does it need like weeks steep for magic to happen? tongue taste a drop is fantastic BTW… so i’m really puzzled here.

anyone used it in any useful way? should i just throw it away (hate to do that)

any help appreciated,
cheers, TVS


Looking on the recpie side it looks like no one really likes the flavor or has found a great purpose for it. But don’t fret…it’s too late…but don’t throw it away.

You have learned an important lesson. Research flavors prior to buying. We all have made this mistake before. Heck, sometimes you gotta buy
a flavor no one likes because you are chasing a clone…or going for a very specific flavor.

Your best bet is to try orange cream tpa…and supplement with orange bar. It may be amazing. It could be the best thing ever. Try mixing it with a sherbet flavor.


@Chrispdx, thanks for the tip - i did research before i bought … really!
the description on TPA’s site is that it’s the same as the Orange Cream without the HAZMAT stuff. i didn’t want that in my shipment so thought to get the safer option … but seems the 2 flavors in reality are totally different. sad

maybe someone can share experience using it. i mean i see 90+ private recipes and that gives me some hope :slight_smile:


First of all, many flavors have nice, wonderful names that make you WANT IT. Fukd up.
The word ‘cream’ in it tells you it needs time to age, and even then, there is not much orange to it,
but it is still a good additive.
Like strawberries, I always use multiple flavors when using orange.

I have almost completely stopped using multiple-flavored flavors…for just the reason you say
that there are problems with this one.
If I want an orange cream…I use at least two ‘orange’ flavors, then a neutral cream like Fresh Cream.

If I want strawberries and cream…yep, two or three strawberries…and a neutral cream.
Same with most anything…separate the flavors, just like you would do cooking in the kitchen with food/drinks.
Make any sense?


Maybe this should go in some other thread/category… we’ll ask @JoJo

This holiday season has begun officially…lots of cooking going on.
One great way to learn how to mix e-liquids, is to watch how people make great food in the kitchen.

Are you the cook/chef in your home…is your spouse, Mother, Grandma, etc.
If it isn’t YOU, then I suggest you pay careful attention to whom it is…and ask questions.
especially about the foods/baked goods/drinks you love. Or the great cocktail mixer(s) in your family/friends.

Only your palate knows YOU…and once you incorporate cooking/eating/drinking/baking…
the taste and the smell …with creating the e-juice you love…will you ever be continually
successful at it…no more hit-or-miss batches.

Buy simple flavors [flavor names] that you can individually regulate, and you will learn how to
’pair’ them faster…and better. Use multiple flavors, from different mfg’s. If you use strawberry,
use two or three different brands for example, never rely on one to bring you to nirvana.

Granted, there are flavors that have several flavors in the name that are kick-ass awesome…
and they are learned from usage…for YOUR palate also. Just remember ‘marketing’ has
as much to play in the flavor world as anywhere else.

The society that has grown into being today…wants everything instantaneous, microwavable,
and ready when WE want it…all-in-one, one size fits all-comfortably, without effort.
Many good enhancers have been produced within my 74yrs of life, things that have improved
the quality of mankind, but many, many enhancers were developed by greed and only prey
on the ignorant and un-suspecting, trusting, honest folks that have big open hearts.

Use your brain, research, then research more. Laziness will result always in less than
quality outcome. Learn to be still in mind and body…be patient. When you get frustrated,
simply go for a walk.

While you are out for a walk, think of what foods/drinks taste like, and break down the flavors.

Always be cautious of your surroundings outside when walking also.

Sorry, but this is the only way I know to give advice…and you did ask.


I agree with Ozo, most of the recipes I make from scratch, I google actual food recipes, convert the amounts all to the same measurement and throw it into a percentage calculator. Then I do that process with several recipes and get an average percentage and try to make it work. I did it with a Zebra cake and its been one of the best vanilla cake recipes I’ve ever tried.


Appreciate all the great advises folks… thank you


@ozo is right on this one. Try the following, blood orange, vanilla custard, vanilla bean ice cream, Bavarian Cream, and top it of with a Whipped cream. That might be a good one for you.


@Skullblade789 & @ozo, yeah, you guys are both spot on… and i appreciate the help

2 newbie questions

1 - i have an Orange Vanilla Ice Cream recipe that’s a favorite for me. would i get that much of an improved flavor adding the other creams and v.custard? when i started DIY, i wondered why in some recipes i find Bavarian Cream + Vanilla Swirl + Sweet cream + Fresh Cream …etc each at like 0.5 or 1% - i admit i didn’t do the proper homework of tasting each of these standalone to understand the “special flavor notes” each of them may produce, but at that low %, won’t that note disappear completely when other ingredients are at 5 or 6%. my thought is, i can get 90% of the same flavor with the main ingredients… is this a completely wrong thought?

2 - i’m still looking for a way to use up that bottle of TPA Orange Cream Bar :slight_smile: … maybe i just mix some of it in this Orange Cream recipe above


I think the ice cream and custard make a great cream base for me.


The Bavarian and the Swirl are ‘flavored’, the Sweet and Fresh are more bland. Using small %‘s of each
helps balance them out.
Custards can sound good, creamy, even romantic, but they can ruin a mix in a hurry. Some custards are
’eggy’ and may go well in bakery, but poot in some fruit.

Custards are also one that really needs aging to know it’s true colors.


Ive been trying to come up with a good Orange Cream bar myself. I like what I see in Ozo’s quote up there might give it a try this weekend.


Now that Orange Juice FW ??? (I think its fw) is out, any chances of revising this classic mixture of sunlight and liquid clouds?


in case someone finds this thread in future… i came back to test this flavor - turns out i fell into the over-flavoring trap. this is a very strong/concentrated flavor, at least relative to the TFA/TPA line and i was using too much of it that it completely muted…
when i used only 2.5% the flavor came thru, nice and smooth - stay below 3-4%. creamy orange … more like orange on custard without vanilla notes. add some cooler, other fruity notes, a hint of VBIC and it’s good to go - flavor notes updated too.