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TPD countries targetting loopholes?


The Netherlands now… who’s next?

Can it get any more ridiculous how governments are attacking the most efficient way for people to quit smoking? Even DIY isn’t safe anymore!
Follow the money … where are all that big tobacco and big pharma hiding in these stories? :rage:


The ban on tanks larger than 2ml and e-liquid in bottles larger than 10ml are already prohibited since 2-1-2015. So far that hasn’t stopped me.
The NVWA is a totally corrupt organisation that falls under the ministry of economics. We’ve had several food scandals in the past were it became very clear that protecting the offending businesses was more important than the health of the population.

It would make more sense if the NVWA would fall under the ministry of health.
Economically tobacco is far more profitable so I’m not surprised about this at all :rage:


The “funny” thing is, it’ll still be legal to order from other countries, they’re really destroying local business


I never said they were smart.


Can someone recap Nic import rules. ould not mind buying slightly more bulk as £2.5 for 10ml of 18mg nic salt is a bit on the expensive side.


Depends in what country you’re importing, different countries, different rules


Would be importing into UK.




“All our 72mg/ml nicotine is provided for sale on a Business to Business (B2B) basis.”

Looks like I should order from my work address :)…


Following the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive, countries that still allow cross-border sales: Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

The countries that have banned cross-border sales: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.


I was kind of hoping that with the TPD, governments would be shushed for a while and vapers could continue their merry way… but they’re still talking about it and (unlike the UK) most countries will probably even want to restrict more than to say “Hey, evidence is slowly flowing in, it’s not as bad as we thought so we’ll relax the laws a little”.


My thoughts exactly - There are however many countries that have implemented stricter rules or massive taxes, in the last year or so. Still hope that the remaining countries including my own, will keep a cool head.


I already wrote to the party I’ve always voted for that they lost my vote due to their attitude towards vaping and I’m encouraging everyone I know to do the same. They’re in a position that every count votes for them but they’re currently not interested to do anything for public health, only to get cash in from tax payers. I refuse to vote for corrupt people and they know bloody well they’re playing in the hands of BT and BP.
And yes, my country is mentioned in the list that bans cross-border sales. I can’t even legally buy anything online except for 0-nic juice. It’s killing local business and local health… with their scare tactics of over-regulating, a lot of smokers actually still think that vaping is at least as harmful as smoking. Why else would governments around the globe make such a fuss about it?

It’s a sad situation.


Them nasty liars and thieves got all our money in the Laundering business


The UK Vape Industry Association have been calling for shortfills to be regulated under the TPD for quite a while now. They even brought it up in the Science and Technology Committee hearings on vaping in the House of Commons. Their director John Dunne said at the hearings that some shortfills contain dangerous substances that have been banned under the TPD and therefore they all should fall under it’s remit. He also said that UKVIA members were already putting their liquids through the testing process on a voluntary basis. If you want to know why a trade organisation would be suggesting something so costly you should check out the membership of UKVIA, it’ll all make sense then.


I just spotted this yesterday so I’m not sure if it’s a new edict or not.


US here but enjoy knowing. Reading legal mumbojumbo makes my headache, Does that mean uk vendors cant sell squonkers w/ a bottle greater then 2ml (every single one)?


It means that they can’t sell squonkers with a bottle installed or in the package, there is however nothing preventing them from selling the bottles separately, or giving one away for free with every purchase of a squonk mod.

That they are also cracking down on the loopholes regarding the 2ml capacity for tanks seems more severe, as there aren’t any new obvious loopholes around that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Now if that could be an encouragement to make good 2mm tanks, egoistically, I would not feel terrible about it. I like smaller tanks.