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Traveling in europe getting on plane with vaping supplies


I know this isn’t the first time for many of you
I am leaving on a flight to Czech republic
Should I take my small box mod or just buy one when I get there
Take my favorite juice store bought unbroken seal 3mg or zero nic or just chance buying some when I get there I have looked up vape store there and looks like I can purchase in Czech republic juice and supplies anyway thanks in advance for experience on this and TSA also


Another great thing about this community is that it is international and may find someone who lives there or has traveled to. I know some countries have crazy laws where u can vape and buy all u want but importing gets u thrown in jail. As far as the TSA part perhaps @therabidweasel could help ya but i know there are a few threads that could as well. GL to u and have fun!!


not sure atm… but you should ask the airplance company… as far i know every company has a different policy on how much you can carry and in how many bottles… or if you can have any device inside your bags or if you can have it in your pocket… from some friends i heard that every company in general might have slightly different policies about it…
so the best thing you could do is just ask the airplane company about it… sorry it’s not the best answer :frowning:


Never been to the Czech republic, but you should be able to travel with your mods, batteries and liquid. Batteries go in your hand luggage, you can have liquid in checked in luggage and up to 100ml liquid in your hand luggage. All liquids including e-liquids must be in a zip-lock transparent bag. You can also have mods in your checked in luggage, and they can have batteries, but spare batteries must be in hand luggage.

Check the airline’s guidelines though!


I’ve had my nuts coddled by so many TSA agents I’m now asking them where I am in terms of size and if they think I might have a tumor or something. They are generally not amused.

Pretty much what Daath said, never been to the CR but at least in the US…you can have as many 30ml bottles as will fit in a 1qt storage/sandwich bag, that’s 6 or 8 iirc. There is a max on bottle size, I use 30ml…np most places on earth…100% illegal in Singapore tho. Keep your batts in your carryon and in a proper case. Put your mods on safety or pull the batts. Don’t gate check that carryon without grabbing the batts if you are late and they’re out of overheads. : )

One TSA agent told me to open my vape bag and pull my mods out to avoid the pat down. That’s been unsuccessful worldwide. If they swipe your gear, most of the US explosives detectors will tag you for explosives. I’m serious. This gets you a bonus prostate exam, or so I hoped.

They actually scrutinized all my gear, gave me weird looks, and one of a different gender (I want to say stupid bitch, but thats massagonistic) condescendingly told Dr. chemistry here that vape is like smoking 100 cigarettes but much higher in ammonia. I didn’t want to waste precious calories re-educating that one ffs.

The explosives detectors in the middle East are either better or worse. I know in one case I was swiped while passing by…I seriously think it was an actor. In any event, they’ve never tested positive over there.

I’m sure you’ve checked with the laws of the CR, so be sure to respect them. I’ve found the EU is pretty reasonable, but be sure to check please.


I would call the airlines and ask them


August, 2017, flew from Chicago O’Hare to Amsterdam to Munich to Bologna to Paris, back to O’hare. Had 6 Evod batteries and chargers in carry on, plus 6 X 15ml bottles of juice. Another 4 bottles of juice in checked luggage. Plus another 4 Li camera batteries in carry on.

No hassle, no close inspection at any point. 70 year old white male travelling with 65 year old white female. We are about as low on the “profiling” scale as you can get. My wife got close inspection of her Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Paris, but nothing else.


Daath, I don’t think that you can have mods in checked baggage. There is a lot of confusing language about Watt hours vs. mha, but the current US FAA guide specifically lists e-cigs as prohibited in checked bags, apparently regardless of size. See here:

Bottom line - it probably depends on who is running the scanner, how well trained they are, and what kind of day they are having. And if they are a vaper themselves and see a mod on the scanner, they may decide to own it.


Where are you flying from? I went to Bulgaria last year. Both my wife and me had 2 mods, some spare battery and about 10 bottles of 30ml DIY with hand written labels. The only thing that got checked was the bottle of liquid my wife uses for her lenses, it was bigger then a certain volume, although it was store bought with an unbroken seal




I can only speak from my own experience. You can definitely have mods in checked luggage - The question is, do you leave your batteries in it, or take them in your hand luggage… Airlines like Qatar and a few others state that you can have batteries installed in devices in your checked luggage, which is what led me to my comment. You’re probably safer pulling the batteries though :slight_smile:


Might be better to just leave it here and buy a new one when I get there
I found 4 vape shops online heck with it only taking a carry on packed staying 5 days and a small back pack first class flight seems like too much a hassle


Thanks all for replies
Should have taken my juice and mod
Asked TSA agent and she said it wasn’t a problem anymore only at first when they came out
Got rolled in Prague on a box mod smok is nice but was high price and juice not my own
The trip was great Christmas season in Prague people from all around the world great city 13th century architecture churches and Chritmas markets was awesome
Is great to be back at home though


Not that it matters now cuz you’re already back, but 2 years ago I was concerned about my vape gear getting through customs on a trip to Cozumel Mexico.
Long story short…Mexican customs agents could give a rat’s ass about mods and e-juice coming through. But the apple I brought off the plane with me was confiscated! I guess it really IS forbidden fruit! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: