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Tres Leches - Dosen't sound safe is there something that can be used instead


I was researching the flavors that I don’t have yet and was looking at Tres Leches
and it has this warning …

" Contains a form of sugar. Sugar can caramelize and even burn at low temps, and produce toxins and suspected carcinogens."

I quit cigarettes to keep the hazardous shit out of my lungs so I won’t buy this flavor
but , I would like to find something that could be used with a similar flavor it sounds good. Any suggestions out there?


FA Nonna’s cake + FA condensed milk + TPA dairy milk + FA fresh cream maybe.

I have tres leches but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. I’m basing this off of a recipe for the real thing. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in here. :wink:


Thanks JoJo I would have to buy the Nonna and condensed milk


Flavor West tends to add sugar to quite a few of their flavors for some reason. It seems like a cop out. Like they could spend more time developing a great flavor, or just add sugar and call it good. It can’t be healthy. I have a bottle of yellow cake that is about 6 months old and it’s all gummed up around the cap.