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Trying to help save my friends house


I gotta say it again, the ELR group are without a doubt the best bunch of folks anywhere on the net. This community never ceases to amaze me, truly the cream of humanity’s crop.


@Bikerdude I couldn’t agree more. Also, thank you for your help.


Thanks a lot out to everyone who helped out, including sharing this via social media. We are nearing the deadline, but ALSO, nearing what we needed to raise to help save Julie’s home. Thank you guys/gals. :slight_smile:


Done and done. You have a big heart brother


@Saxonn Thank you very much for helping out. The deadline is coming into view, and I know it helps out a lot.


I shared that shot too! We can do this man!


@Brandolf Thank you very much as well.


So close! 10 char


Word brother…


Bumpity bump bump!


Wish I could help!! :frowning: Best of luck to them, though! I hope they make it and can keep the house. :hugs: I’ll be sending good energy.


Only $800 is needed now!!! I hope they get it!! I’m sending more positive energy and good vibes!!! :heart:


Bumpers 10 ch


I had to wait until today, but I was able to give a small donation and shared on Facebook. I wish it were more though!!


@Jenny1978 Thank you very much. Every single donation helps. Keep the energy flowing guys/gals, we ARE very close.


Bumpity bump bump!


I must be going soft in the head. I made a donation. There is something about the session drummer that makes him seem credible to me. My wishes for the best obviously.


@SessionDrummer is a great guy! When I first got here he and several others took me under there wing and helped me immensely, and for that I am grateful!


@Cutlass92 I feel the same way! @SessionDrummer is always supportive and encouraging, very generous and has a kind nature that I can sense from his posts, activity and comments. Every day he takes the time to give many of us abundant likes and reactions on our posts…That says a lot to me! :smiley:


That was very kind of you!