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Trying to help save my friends house


@SmilingOgre Thanks a lot, means a lot. In my original post, I had mentioned I was hesitant to post this type of thing on ELR, but then it became a matter of conscience, that if he/they lost the house, and I didn’t do everything I could do, I would have regretted it.

Thanks @Cutlass92


Thank you very much @Jenny1978, means a lot.


Pretty much the same thing here. I use this site to help shop by seeing what is working for folks and what is not. So I’m getting ready to place an order for a Pharaoh mini and there are these folks loosing their home. That’s fucked up. Obviously there is only one thing to do.


You guys ROCK by the way !!!


They got it!!!


Thanks to a lot of help from ELR !!!


That is awesome news.