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Tweaking and adding from a original Recipe from another mixer


Here’s my Adapted version, I switched V2 to V1 I didn’t have the V2’s and added a flavor or 2. My main question is, thanks to @Benoz I added the cupcake and like he said it did add a pudding mouth feel to it but now I’m feeling a need for a % or less of nutmeg. What company would give you a slight nutmeg(a really good one) brand that is. Better put, a dusting of Nutmeg to just add that little pizazz to the pudding


I get nutmeg from most flavour art bakeries even at low percent, however it’s very potent to me in Nonnas cake.

If you don’t get that note, try (flv) eggnog. At very low percent all you’ll get is nutmeg, at higher percentage you get the full profile tho.

(VT) bakery spice does have it too, but it’s more cinnamon with nutmeg.

Maybe you got one of these flavors, if not then no idea, I don’t like vaping just nutmeg dusting :wink:


Ok, it’s going to be FLV Nutmeg. It’s Fathers Day and I believe it’s time to get my gift.
Nutmeg & Marshmallows, my wife can go off the Flavor budget, she only asked that I not buy till I’m running really low. So I’m really low too, it’s gotta be a win win lol
Wish me luck & TY @eStorm


I dont think i have ever even tasted nutmeg mate hopfully it works out for you. feel free to change the name mate to your own its all yours now brother :wink:.


It’s flavorah eggnog. Not sure if they have a pure nutmeg. But yes definitely good luck and share your results. Sure we all, including benoz appreciate it :slight_smile:


Thank you !!


Why thank you, very much appreciated my friend. I’LL continue to follow, very similar pallette if I must say.


There is a couple of recipes i need to pull off that cut the mustard when i started but aint much chop now i realize :grin:


It’s really a visual that I See, I’m not familiar with Nutmeg as a vape. I’m thinking the only way I’m going to know is to give it a try. I like nutmeg in/on a pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie. To actually vape it, is going to be a fun and probably agrevating at times challenge. But, that’s why I’m here is to get and gain knowledge from alot of y’all. And I really do appreciate all of you. I’m up for a challenge though it’ll only make me a better mixer. I hope lol
I’ll definitely keep you great people posted on progress. It really means alot, to be privileged to have y’all share your hard earned experience with me.


This probably a bit different, but in my experience, tpa/tfa holiday spice is nutmeg and spice heavy.


Holiday Spice at a low low % would work without jacking your entire recipe, but maybe switch the cupcake for Banana Nut Bread (which would jack your whole recipe …still sounds Yum). Egg Nog will either make it or break it …I’d guess make it, since it sounds compatible. Sure sounds good now tho. keeping my eye on this one!


I’ve actually got a Banana Nut Bread, I’m going to see what vendor or manufacturer it belongs too. I’ll be right back…over to stash.
TPA Banana Nut Bread
@ 3,4% and drop the cupcake ? Would you personally drop each individual Concentrate by say 10% (my total Flavor % right now is 19%) ?
I’ll mix up a SF of the Banana Nut Bread & test, never used it.


Recipes don’t always make obvious sense. If you have mixed the original (Benoz) and love it then it’s perfect. Adding banana nut bread is a radical (and heavier than Cupcake) adaptation, so lowering other flavs can make sense, but you should worry more about overpowering the Custardey Cheesecakiness of what you liked first, so keep the BNB low to start …maybe 2% …just like with the cupcake you just wanted to add some bakery/spice.

Since the original likely needs to steep, whip up a 120ml and split it into 30mls, then you can work on all your adaptations at once while it steeps. If after steeping you think the BNB is awesome but too low you could add some post-steep, or work upwards in the next batch. The Holiday Spice might be the easiest to test by just adding by the drop to a steeped bottle. I bet 0.25% would be high which is about a dozen drops in a 30ml (from a small 10ml). Weigh and record your test results so you can make a 2nd time!

19% flavs is getting to the upper limits, but remember the World Famous Bust-A-Nut is 20%. Lowering other flavs? example Egg Nog is a heavy cream add so you could reduce the French Vanilla Creme or the New York Cheesecake by 1% considering the add is somewhat of a sub, but like I said, avoid wrecking the original attraction. Any of these could be a great Fall/Seasonal vape!


Thank you very informative info. I’ll be working on it, again ty for sharing your knowledge with me. It will be applied @BoDarc


Just playing with fresh03 olk skewl custard