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UK TEST SUBJECT? Phillip Morris - USA Today


You read and decide.

Philip Morris says its New Year’s resolution is to give up cigarettes

The maker of Marlboro took out a full-page ad saying its New Year’s resolution is to ‘give up cigarettes’

Are e-cigarettes safe?

‘Dripping’ A new dangerous trend among teens who vape


This immediately came to mind after reading the article…


Get ready here comes the full court press in 2018 for "closed systems."
Say good bye to vaping as we know it :raised_hand:


If mr Morris wants to give up smoking and start vaping. I say go for it more power for us if big tobacco gets in our corner and becomes big vape


Awe man here I was thinking it was Keyser Söze all this time :grin:


I didn’t want to put a pic up of Kevin Spacey for obvious reasons :laughing:


Oh good call :+1:


Dripping is a new trend? I’ve been doing it for years.


Yeah and house of cards.


So I’ve read the articles and they seem to be specific to the uk, I wonder if that has anything to do with TPD and the reason they aren’t making that statement in the US is because they are still working on getting a ban here? or is it because they haven’t gotten what they wanted from the FDA?


Nice @woftam


@MisterSinner Don’t worry, I couldn’t help myself.


Does seem appropriate he is in a police line up in the pic tho :+1:


Hehhe, I know, right ?





It is kinda sad though that he can’t play the US president because he’s been groping :laughing:


I smell a huge company sell out when this happens, kind of like when cutwood bit the dirt and sold out.


Obviously they are gearing up to launch a full scale eliquid supply to replace cigarettes, which has taken a massive hit in sales.
It’s all about the profit.

My fear is that the control of vaping will be put firmly in the hands of tobacco companies and governments. The outcome for us long term is a greater control of products, which will include devices, nicotine ( which has already happened here in Europe) and flavourings, in the form of higher taxes, banning of certain products and stricter legalisations.
What they will achieve is a far greater control and a massive turn around in their profits.