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Underrated Juices Lines/Flavors?


What do you think are some underrated juice lines that you feel aren’t appreciated or known about? I keep looking for a Trinity Reserve by Lazarus, (heard from several people in different states but haven’t seen it sold in stores or that stores being aware of it.
Basically its a bourbon/cream over roasted nuts, which (while I don’t drink liquor), does sound really good.
Anyway, What about you?


I used to work for a vape shop in the Pacific NW(seattle area) called Ecig-N-Vape, the juice maker there was this super cool guy that was always trying to make everyone happy, so he put out this whole line of about 70+ flavors that were ok, but they were meant for new vapers, so they were all really strong. He finally put out some of his personal stuff and it was AMAZING. He has a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp that is the only strawberry I can taste in a vape(I’m one of those people).

Also Bad Modder Fogger puts out some really amazing recipes. I’m a particular fan of Mister V, it’s a pretty damn good blue raspberry poprocks.


When you say put out do you mean released the recipes? If so, mind sharing? Both of those sound really good.


Sorry, I meant when he finally felt comfortable enough to release his own as a e-juice line. Thats what we’re talking about right? Otherwise I’ll commit seppuku on my post out of shame. =(


Haha no that’s fine, just wanted to check!


Hey bullcity just curious have you ever had or heard of Lazarus vintage journey… It’s my unicorn im new to diy and would love to try to come close to it… Ps I only use bull city now the rest of the sites suck and your shipping and selection is the best…


just left a comment for you bulldog…on your recipe