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Unicorn Or Mother's Milk


I hope this works.


@TW12 That’s a mighty big stash you have there.
IMO the Mother’s Unicorn milk

Is pretty awesome. The smell of that stuff is just unbelievable.


I guess I’m prefering to make whichever has no cheescake:grinning:


Have never made/tried Unicorn Milk so I’m no help there.

Mothers Milk - If you’re looking at keeping it all TPA then based on your stash I’d probably start with TPA Vanilla Custard and some TPA Graham Cracker, maybe a hint of some sweet cream too, along with the sb…but hold out for more suggestions :+1:


Well, if nothing else it can’t hurt to make a sampler. I’d have to sub in CAP VCv1 since I haven’t got the TPA version.


This is my MM clone:

(CAP) Graham Cracker gives it that biscuity/cinnamon note whereas (TPA) Graham Cracker has more of a caramel note.

I’ve tried making my clone with (TPA) Graham Cracker (clear), wasn’t the same.

Never had (TPA) Vanilla Custard so can’t say what that might add/remove from the recipe.

You can always try subbing all flavours with your (TPA) equivalents and let us know what you think :+1:

Don’t use ANY creams

Custard at lower %'s seems to add a creaminess, paired with coconut and some marshmallow you get a creaminess and mouthfeel.

Side Note:
I’ll be working on a version 2 of the clone as soon as I finish the 200ml of the original clone I have mixed, I have a fresh bottle of MM 0mg Nic to work from again.


I will likely get raked over the coals for this, because it seems at its’ heart that these milks are loved for their sweetness, but how about a little Sour in the mix? Is that a stomach turning thought? I have no reference point, so I apologize if that was a quease-inducer.


I’ve never tried a sour, my clone is super close, so adding another flavour/additive I think will confuse it, saline is something I’ve thought about though.


So let me see if I have this right… The difference between Mother’s Milk and Unicorn Milk is the cheesecake, basically?

I will give one or two recipes a go, see how they turn out. Good thread.


Unicorn Milk for me tastes like a bad MM clone.


This is not my work, all I remember is that I got it a long time ago from a guy that lives across the pond.


Not a tummy turner, sour in dairy recipes especially with fruit works great for me.


That is a great definition and I agree…


@worm1 Thx for that one bro I might just be mixing that Banana Unicorn Milk tonight!


order more flavors :smile:


I won’t be here to get it.


You may want to try this too, ill give it a go


I think at one time Unicorn Milk & Mother’s Milk were the most popular vapes out there. I believe the two companies that produced the originals are no longer around. Go figure. In any case there’s a ton of attempts on the recipe side at cloning these and making personalized variations of these. When I first started vaping I tried a lot of different (commercial) flavours. I found a couple that I liked. One was Broken Blue. It was a Blueberry muffin vape. It smelled awesome. When I got into DIY I went on the “What Can I Make?” and the highest rated one was Mother’s Unicorn Milk as I’d indicated above. After a few weeks of steep I opened the bottle and I thought “I must have made a mistake”. Double-check. No It’s the DIY. It smelled nearly identical to the Broken Blue (I still had some to compare). The difference was strawberry instead of blueberry. Well I’ve made this with blueberry & strawberry & I like them both (strawberry a bit more though). The Broken Blue.had a pretty good shelf life, the MUM not so much. The blueberry version is a bit better in that regard but not in flavour. The activity on this thread shows that the milks are still a popular vape. Thanks to everyone for chiming in.


Does anyone else find that more than 1% of sucralose burns out the cotton and fouls the build rather quickly? I never use it anymore.


Yes. Plus it may not be very healthy, something about our bodies not being able to break it down or something. Anyway, i dont use it anymore, i use Stevia like ive seen other people here doing.
Usually i dont use any sweetener, marshmallows and sweet creams do the trick. But sometimes you still need a stevia to help something along.