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Unicorn Or Mother's Milk


I want to create a Mother’s Unicorn Milk with TPA flavours but I’m all out of Cheesecake Graham Crust. I have quite a few flavours, including Graham Cracker, Vanilla, Ice Cream… Any suggestions on how to do this?


Try CAP NY Cheesecake with CAP Graham Cracker at 1% each or less. It’s different but works for me.


Thanks but I have no cheesecake at all. I don’t care if it’s the same. I just want the creamy custard note and maybe close to the aroma. I was thinking maybe vanilla custard, graham cracker and sweet cream.


the graham cracker brings a little bit of coconut and some other flavors i can’t identify really so if you want to replace TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust you’ll need something in the line of cookies, biscotti, graham cracker etc.
I’ve had a bottle of original Mother’s milk and the coconut really stood out in this bottle together with something what i can just describe as slightly incense-ish herbal taste, not like nag champa but this direction if that makes any sense at all.
CAP Vanilla Custard v1 is always a winner for many people and i just discovered INW Shisha Vanilla and sprinkle all my creamy recipes with it.

And as funny as it sounds, removing anything called “cream” somehow makes recipes creamier for me. As in mouthfeel, not taste. Not sure but it is either CAP or TPA sweet cream which completely destroys the creamy mouth feel for me in higher concentrations. So less is more sometimes and Vanillas and Vanilla custards can make it “creamier”, too. Also i have a feeling that sweeteners have an influence on the creaminess.


@Grubby - did you try an all TPA version? Was it anywhere close-ish?


@Ken_O_Where oh mister custard!


I’ve made the all TPA Mother’s Unicorn Milk a number of times both with strawberry and as a blue unicorn with blueberry instead of strawberry. The strawberry has been my ADV for a while now but I’m out of the Cheesecake Graham Crust and I was just looking for other flavours I can substitute.


Could you post a link to your flavor stash? That will make it easier for others to help.

Lemme know if you’re not sure how and I’ll guide you as best I can (which will be mediocre at best :rofl:) :+1:


The cheesecake has its own unique creaminess imo so u can add in another cream and graham but wont quite be the same.


How do you post a link to your flavor stash? Sorry, pretty new here.

So this has me thinking… what’s so big about Unicorn Milk and Mother’s Milk? I hear about them all the time. Never tried any vendor bottles of it but there’s a crap-ton of recipes for it everywhere. Why is it so popular? The recipes kind of sound like strawberry milk.


It can be good, are alot of recipes.Recently been playing w/ other fruits and found 'nana the best over SB and i tried blueberry.


Lil box near the top of your stash “allow others to see my flavor stash” and then click box above to get a page to copy/paste a link.


I think Graham Cracker and Coconut would be a good alternative. But @Grubby know better :wink:


Thank you, let me know if this works.


Now, someone convince me why I want to make one of these milk thingy’s. And I guess, if possible, what is the best choice with what I have to work with?

I apologize to OP, I am not trying to derail the thread.


Works fine and u have a lot of options. Since there are so many versions out there, u can "what can i make/search by flavor stash and click on flavors u have that must be contained in the mix. This will narrow your search a bit. Try finding one that others have tried and commented on and dont choose soly on the rating.


Google translate
If you do not already have shawls when you see the recipe, I do not think you can convince. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, the thing is, it’s so gosh darn popular, there must be something awesome about it, right? Or is this just one of those viral flavors that’s bigger than it’s britches? I’m definitely not against it, I guess I’m just wondering why it is so ‘everywhere’.


Because in many case when you try to quit smoke you think (and most of the times work) that the best vape is somethink that is yamme. Most of us likes strawberies. I have my own version of unicornmother bomb milk what ever and I like it as taste but not as vape… if you understand what I mean. (Sorry for my English)


First eliquid that really helped you quit smoking. Mother Milk is the top… alone…I think :wink:


The original Mothers Milk does not have any Cheesecake but Unicorn Milk does.Which one are you preferring to make?