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Unpop. request.. How to make juice harsher?


This is exactly what I was going to say; FA Flash does this exactly, but be careful with it.


With a fresh coil and clean wick, vape a tad bit of straight PG and get back to me. I’ve tried it and it was like vaping air. No TH whatsoever. For me it dispelled the myth. Now if you or anyone tries it and feels PG does indeed have a throat hit, I will stand corrected. .

Ever wonder if someone is trying to pull some shit on you. Hey, kid…try this. :slight_smile: I assure you that’s not me.


One thing that wasn’t mentioned was alcohol ? Wouldn’t this also be another possible solution, or is it so volatile that it would just dissipate after some time ? A couple of drops of vodka in the mix maybe to substitute some of the PG ?
Never tried vaping vodka, so maybe some others that have tried could chime in on this. Enquiring minds want to know !

I’ve dripped store bought 50/50, 12mg juice sub-ohm before, and the throat hit was definitely there, I didn’t cough BUT got teary eyed trying NOT to. Too much nic too quick though. 3 or 4 big puffs later and your head’s spinning. :face_vomiting:


Harsh flavorings or Distilled water.


well imho…

move to 70/30 PG/VG (it will add more throat kick)

use low resistance coils… (0.3 or .5) producing more vape will provide more hashness for you… i am sure that if you move to a subohm resistance/tank you will find what you want

another option is just making your nic higher… but if you’re a chainvaper or addicted to making the move (holding your ecig in your hand and taking drags all the time well i don’t really recommend that for real… you may feel dizziness or whatever… too high nicotine in this case is not recommended for real)


This was my thought exactly. I consider a bottle dead when the color becomes amber. You can accelerate oxidization by adding a bit of water. I have 1.5 year old juices that are water clear and smooth.

8MG oxidized nic in a big “sub-ohm” (isn’t that a term from like 3 years ago? Are many people vaping above 0.4 ohms?) kills me. Anyhoo, oxidized nic definitely adds harshness. TPA smooth wont add harshness and I use it at 4-5%. If you want super harsh, blood orange RF will make a coal miner cough. Tasty flavor, but harsh.


Whew that is a lot of info!! Thank you to all of you. Okay so, the only mod/tank I have is the tarot nano with the veco tank it came with, I’m not 100% sure of what sub-ohm means I was told it means the tank automatically sets everything for you voltage wise. It usually sets itself between .42-.46ohms and I’ll vape between 37.0 and 50watts (my coil is only rated for 40-50) I’ve tried to go up to 60 and it just tears the coil up. I did get some flavors in the mail today that have alcohol in them for recipes I wanted to try so that may help. I bought my 50/50 pg/vg base with nicotine in it so I don’t have a choice in seperating anything to try some of these methods out yet but I do intend on buying separately to try things out soon. So this is what I’m stuck with because I have a huge jug to use up! :laughing: I like the sound of the flash by FA and another one mentioned. I almost like that kind of ashtray feel but it does sound a lil dirty. I’m not keen on citrus flavors like key-lime or lemon food wise so I’m not sure if I’d like them in my vape. I like candy kind of citrus like fruit loops but don’t love it. I got Fruit circles by signature (I think that’s tfa) and mixed it by itself and it’s SO lemony I can’t vape it. Been steeping for 2 weeks now. I think I covered most responses and I found so many helpful. I’m going to try out the unicorn/mothers milk, papa smurf, and berry crunch recipes I found on here with all my yummy new flavors, hopefully with a good crock pot steep I can try some now and put the rest away to steep in the cabinet. I have tried the car steeping method (out of the light) and honestly it kinda ruined the batch. It’s just TOO much heat. But router/hot baths have worked out great but I’ve heard crock pot steeping is the best way to go from so many people so let’s see how this goes!! Thanks to all again!! :kissing_heart:


Ooohh blood orange? What kind of flavor is that? Also, I thought the “smooth” flavor sounded too… uh… smooth… lol I’m definitely all about that harsh TH, I’ve yet tried anything that makes me cough but I do still have a cig once in a while because it’s hard since I haven’t found anything super satisfying yet. Even though cigs taste really gross now. Just want that mimic with a good flavor. I might order all of these harsh additives to kinda play around and see which I like.


Unsteeped it’s like orange glo cleaner, but it has a sort of red fruit note to it. It’s kinda a different approach, but have you tried going nuts with menthol?

Smooth in high concentrations tastes like maple sap. It will not add TH.

Acai TPA is also mega-harsh.


I was just reading through this thread and came across the mention of smooth.
Smooth is used to make juices less harsh, (hence the name :wink:) so you’re right, it is not what you are looking for.


Until you find your adv you will crave the harshness and taste of a cig. It wasn’t until I found a melon mix I loved that I stopped craving that throaty punch and started craving the juice instead.
Make some tobacco flavours and keep searching till you find your adv your tastebuds are still adjusting from not having the stinkies took me about 6 months to stop craving the throat hit that I used to love.


I definitely have some things to order in my next batch. Keep hearing a theme of any tropical/citrus flavors and I don’t have any of those. Gunna plug all my flavors in and see what I can do for now! I made a good mother’s milk clone, yet good, not harsh. I’ve been vaping on my unicorn vomit mostly, sometimes I’ll add a bit of the unicorn milk stuff in there too.


So just an update, I got my order of flash, and I got some sweetener for some specific recipes so I’m gunna be playing with both for some but so far after 3 days I like it! It’s pretty much just what I wanted and I’ve added it to almost all of my ADV flavors. So thank you everyone, I’ve got some good ideas of other stuff to try too if I want, thinking of trying the blood-orange, and get some tropical recipes. Still mastering desserts and candies then I’ll go to citrus flavors :wink: :laughing: :triumph: Thanks again y’all!


If he’s vaping on a tarrot nano with a become tank. I would suggest a doggy style rta and try MTL. High pg and 12-18 mg off nice resembles a cig far better then any sub ohm


You could try pineapple. For some reason every recipe I come up with that has pineapple has been harsh…Perhaps I’m not using enough marshmallow…