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USA United Squonkers of America


I use mine daily and love it :+1:


Yeah, may be a post Christmas present. I want to squonk and have been doing a bunch of research.


I also have the dripbox 2 and in TC SS I can get 6 hrs on the 160 I can get more than a day


Will the kangertech dripbox mod fit any squonk enabled atty?


Yep. Use my DB160 everyday too. My desktop mod. The DB2 is my new out and about mod now. Haven’t touched my DB60 since I got the DB2.

You can get the DB160 for $36 shipped at vaporbeast (think they only have white and black left)



Everything I put on it has worked just fine


Thanks for that. What is the difference in squonk quality between the 2?


Research is that if it has a bf pin then it should be okay.


Are there different types of squonk pins? If so is the BF most used?


BF is bottom feed. That is the type of pin you need to squonk.


Yes Hex Pin’s are the best … Some Slot pin’s with a recess work well and some reg slot pins Leak
Look at post 168 and post 229


I thought we had too many acronyms in RC car racing. Now I know that’s not even close to too many.

My acronym bank is getting deposits hourly.


Join the military. Good luck trying to know all the acronyms.


I like my velocity v2 on my 160 it has a recess slot pin but works well



Could you imagine an outsider for the first time. Reading this.
"Yeah I prefer INW SB to TFA, I find if the PG or NIC is high in my RDA too much TH. But in my RTA not so bad."
Absolutely makes no sense. I’m sure you guys could come up with better, but you get my drift.

And yes I’d imagine the military would basically acronymise everything.


Thank you. Will let you know when I am squonking and what device is being used. Maybe after Christmas, but it will be soon.


PGA = Pure Grain Alcohol … LOL




Just ordered one of these with drip tip above let you all know what I think in 2 weeks :+1:



Great. Please let us know how that Hadaly works out. I ordered this one last night and it already shipped so I’ll post about about it when I get it … hopefully in 2 weeks as well.