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So finally got my squonk and loving it. I am using the Kanger DB 160 with the goon RDA and am living it. Finding out the sweet spots and just tweaking as I go.



Pico Squeeze with Coral Atty at Myfreedomsmokes.com $23 shipped. I ordered one and cancelled the one I ordered from FT yesterday.




Is this the one with 50w max output?


Yes, but it’s basically a mech and will run the wattage depending on the build on it. Here’s a decent review of it. Looks like .2 to .3 builds are the sweet spot on it.



Cool! Thanks!


So still gettin the hang of squonking. I am getting used to it though. I live the TC on the Kanger Dripbox. It is nice.


If you are thinking of getting a Pico Squeeze, let me suggest a Kanger DripBox 60W instead.
Not sure which has more true wattage as claimed, I would imagine they are equal ? Last time i had one of the Kangers on a meter, it was about 58W.
The OEM atty is better on the Kanger, and for those that use pre-made coils, the Kanger DripBox pre-made coils really kick ass. [same coil fits DripBox 60W, DB 160W, and DB2]
The battery door is better on the Kanger…smoother, and doesn’t stick, and much better with some no-ox lube on the threads. [Battery door on DB60 and DB2 are still a bit wonky to get the threads started, but no problem]
Not sure what the difference is between the juice bottles, some Pico users claim the bottle gets a bit funky fast. I have used two DB60, two DB160, and one DB2…daily…since each model came out, and never a bottle problem. Each one still has the original bottle in it, except for one where I changed juice. [see Ozo suggestion on how to squonk bottle]
Kanger60W doesn’t have any battery light flashing until the battery is low.

The best experience you can have on a Kanger squonker if you wrap your own coils…use a Velocity V2 atty. Two .5ohm SS coils gives you .25ohm vape, easy and kicks serious ass. All of my Kanger squonkers religiously wear them now, even the DB160 that I use alien claptons in, no wicking, for testing juice.
The Velocity V2 takes half [or less] of the pressure to squonk juice up her bottom, and out her nostril…than the OEM atty.


I also highly recommend the new DripBox2


Over the DB160?


I’ve got a Pico Squeeze coming in today so I’ll let you all know what I think of it (got a NoToy clone coming in today too!!!). I’ve had a DB60 since May and that has been my out and about mod until I got the DB2. I’m planning on pairing the Squeeze with a Derringer V3 so I’m hoping it will be a nice small throw in the pocket mod.

The Squeeze and DB60 are basically unregulated mods with some regulated mod-like safety functions so the wattage is kind of subjective given what coil setup you are using. I’ve done quite a few different builds on the DB60 but as @ozo suggested the sweet spot is around .2 to .25 ohms. My standard build on the DB60 is 3mm ID 6 wrap spaced dual 26g SS coils. I’ve tried doing twisted and clapton coils that ohm out in that sweet spot on the DB60 but nothing performs better than the single wire SS coils. The stock RDA on the DB60 is decent but the deck is such a pain to build on compared to the Velocity V2 that Ozo recommended or any RDA with a velocity styled deck.

The reason I love the DB2 is because I can throw any coil setup I want into it and it will perform well at any ohms within the 80W limitation of the mod.


If I only had one squonker in the class of a Kanger [as opposed to a SkyNet,etc.]
I would choose the DB160W…if size/weight was not a factor.
I have 5 DB160 (3 for backup) …3 DB60 (1 for backup)…2 DB2 (1 for backup)
Each has a purpose. The DB60 is so light and small to take shopping, but lately I have
been taking the DB2, larger and heavier (in SS). I have taken the DB160 but it’s not
so compatible in my shirt pocket.
The DB60 has become my vape when riding around mowing pastures.


Thanks! I’ve been wanting to get into squonking and all roads seem to lead to the DB160. Size doesn’t matter.


I never really pocket anything. Just roll it around on my toolbox. Will it fit inside a roll of duct tape?


Yes, and I agree with all you just typed.

Plus, the DB2 does temp very well.

My NoToy should also be here today.[and I think another DB2]

" nothing performs better than the single wire SS coils"…Amen


If you are looking to get in to Squonking I would get the DB160 first :+1:
and a good RDA


Nice!! Vape mail for everyone :grinning:

Yep different mods for different functions. My DB160 is my dedicated desktop mod. Best squonking mod you can get from a price/performance point for sure.

Packages came! Will post pics when I get a chance.


Easily, with extra room.


Where did the Tobecco Velocity V2’s come from… California?
Can’t find my receipt.

I got those $9.57 ones from FastTech…


I think so I will have to look


I think this is were I got mine



Also, a Tsunami 24mm works very well…it just has a tiny bit of hangover.

Another great thing [DB160W or DB2] that people overlook…you DON’T
have to squonk with it. Put anything on top of it…

I have talked to many people about it…they couldn’t make up their mind
if they wanted to start squonking, or buy a mod like a RX200-RX200S
For 40W and one battery less…what’s the friggin’ decision?
You can’t squonk a RX200, but you can temp a tank on a DB160, eh?