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Where did you get the BF pin for the goon ?


This has a unique BF pin at least I think it’s a BF pin


And I like the top air flow


I have that Hastur from FT and I can confirm that it has the BF pin. Ironically the SS/Silver version of it does not have the BF pin so keep that in mind. I love the smaller velocity deck on it but I didn’t care for the airflow configuration on it. Fortunately the deck is the same one used on the Derringer V3s at FT so I just ordered a Derringer inner sleeve and top cap and all is good (can’t tell which one it is now as I’ve got 4 other Derringer V3s with BF pins)


SXK Hadaly clone and original velocity clone with bf pin see two of my favorite squonk RDAs. I’ve mostly squonked with mechs or unregulated (made most of the latter), though am looking to pick up a regulated or two as well! :grinning:


Both will fit a 1:1 Goon clone
[and any Goon style atty on 3F Vape…except the LP models on 3F because they are NOT a 1:1]




I would like to see them. Do you have pic’s
Welcome to the Squonk gang :+1:


Here’s another RDA that looks like it can be easily converted with a BF pin. It’s a 24mm so it might be easier to work with for those using SS mesh.


Came with it at Gear best.


What I like about the Split atty is that tank that also allows me to give my tube mechs some love without dripping as well as using it in squonk mode.
E-mail last night pertaining to Geekvape Gbox s100 is being shipped, so this is a positive development…
Some small drill bits came in this week. It won’t let me post more than 1 pic here. I’m noob.



Any problems on the mech mod and a short center pin on the Split atty?



Not on the 2 mechs I’ve tried. 1 is an authentic Caravela other is a King clone.


The Split on a non modified Frankie Fake gives me 9.8ml of liquid to run with for a while.


The Geekvape Gbox s100 in today. Using a 22mm Tsunami w a 24mm Tsunami bf pin. Fits perfect.


what does that ohm out at? the highest i can get is .07 and for some reason It won’t fire


check this bad boy out. I have a h@rd @n.


I don’t squonk, yet, and not sure where to put this, but the Goon LP needs a spit back guard.


5 layers of mesh in my Hadaly RDA ohmed out at .32 when I 1st built it then when I rewicked it the ohms came out to .29 and stayed there


How do you like that frankenskull mod and the Gbox ?


The Gbox s100 will fit a 26mm atty flush. FYI for lack of info anywhere on this. This is a solid unit, no seams on the top for fluid to get into, the screen has large digits/letters and bright, easy to maneuver the menu. Bottle may be the same as the dripbox from what I can remember from handling a couple. Temp control works smoother than any mod Ive had, but I haven’t had everything, the finish is fine . I am totally satisfied for it being a regulated squonk.
The FrankieFake ? Well, it’s a - $20 box. With that being said, it is the new v3, the contacts have been reworked, the 510 has been upgraded to a semi- manual adjustable. seems like they mixed a SVA/VT and cloned it. Still needs a bottle but I soaked them in very hot water for about 30 minutes and it helped. I think it is a great value for a clone and I didn’t have to check a FB page everyday for a year and wonder why I didn’t get a chance to spend $150 + on a box. That was dangerously stressful at my age and I probably would have died before I ever got one. The 510 and the rda is worth $10 alone.