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I wrap my mods in a binkie to keep them warm and to keep them from rattling around.


Let us know what you think of the NoToy. Is that a clone or an original?


It was a different package…NoToy should be here soon though.
Also, my Brother, in OZ, is getting a box of blemished NoName attys.
They have been shipped from Italy, go to Oz, then he will send me some.
My clone should be here any day…will post results on all.


Mesh coil in my Hadaly clone ohms at .32 Kicks ass. Same flavor as a SS fused clapton and Best of all I can TC it on the Hohm Wrecker G2 :+1:


YOW…how cool…
A new HohmWrecker squonk mod.
HohmWrecker G3BF I presume?
The Hadaly has a great squonk pin, too.
I love this squonking thread.


LOL … I would love to have a G3 Squonker :grinning:


So I added the SSL coils to the Goon on a Kanger DB 160. I am a fan of them in power mode rather than SUS mode. I like the clean flavor on them. It is nice and warm. I have a Dark Pipe Recipe in the bottle and it hits all wickets for me in terms of flavor. Thanks @Rob62 for the suggestion.


A list of rda’s that have been working well for me. The Split atty (squonk or non), IAI rda, original Tsunami (w/ bf pin from Heavens Gifts), No Legal clone, Hadaly 24mm clone, LE 86 bf 24mm clone. Have tried the Velocity mini clone but too much liquid being pulled up the cap sides and out the AF I suppose.


For those of you that like to order from Fasttech, here’s a thread that lists all of the available squonking hardware there including RDAs.



They have some items at Fasttech, but I haven’t ordered from them for a few years. I do my best to buy authentics when available and clone types are a last resort, not to say I haven’t had many, sometimes there is no other option.
Nice group you all have here.


This may be a good one for Mesh coils but I don’t know if you can get a BF pin


Hey @ozo


From looking at the deck pics it definitely looks like it can be converted for squonking. The question remains whether an M2.5 or M3 BF pin will work. If not then the pin can always be drilled out if you are willing to do that.


Bridge clamps and squonk pin Single or dual coil Atty on ly comes in copper…limited supply atm




@Rob62 @Wings4Life
Dual coil 24mm Squonk pin fits any goon style except LP models



Please Note: This pin is not suitable for Goon LP style RDA.
Not suitable for the following 22mm Goon Style RRDA:
Goon Style RDA 22mm Black Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Goon Style RDA 22mm Silver Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Goon Style RDA 22mm White Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Goon Style RDA 22mm Golden Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

See note on pin page ^^^^^^^^^^^


Not sure if the pin will fit this, but will check when they arrive in a few days.

This will take a huge coil tail.


This is another pin (slotted) , and it shows you which atty’s it fits on 3F


Like this one





^^ This was the best deal I found on the new Geekvape Gbox s100.
Have one on pre order.


Welcome @MoMix to ELR and the Squonk Gang :+1:


Ty kindly.


Welcome. I am new to this as well. I love my setup at the moment. It is the goon 22 on the Kanger Dripbox 160w.