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Can you get one similar in a dual 18650?
It’s beautiful, just limited.
And NOT that I need more power…but…


Unfortunately not. I asked the maker the same question.
He only does a single design, which is a single 18650.

It is exactly why I made the second mod in dual 18650 series :wink:


Are they worth more though? I totally appreciate beauty and especially for craftsmanship. But when it comes to say a chair, homemade vs mass produced, but the actual craft quality is the same (sometimes better TBH), the logical choice is the mass produced one. I’m all for supporting the local shops as well, but you brought up stab wood, heh, oh so pretty, not worth several hundred extra dollars to me. Especially since I know they’re not actually that hard to work with or slow to build. I’ve a buddy who does woodwork professionally, he claims that’s just something they day to trick hipsters and people with a lot of cash to both, to buy it. It’s higher quality particle board, just recycled scraps, pretty, but junk wood. Again, I’m just taking him at his word. I’d usually rather pay less for a more durable metal mod, than 3x the price. At the same price though? She is buy one. Just sharing what I’ve been told, LOL


All valid points. It’s true they’re overpriced and there is some myth-spreading going on to keep the prices high.
As for the quality difference - I have both a Pandora clone and a Nataraki to compare. The Nataraki is not really crazy high-end, more like mid-range from what I know, so that’s a caveat. The main difference I found was in the wood’s finish - I’m by no definition knowledgeable enough to judge, but I do know that the cheaper Pandora lost parts of its finish after about three months or so (shiny before, not shiny afterwards). Of course, if it were made from metal or some alloy, it would be more resilient.
About it being junk wood… junk really is relative. The wood in question might be scrap considered from the perspective of making something bigger - but so what? What it comes down to, in the end, is whether the aesthetic value of the end product is worth it for you. I don’t buy em first hand, only second hand, so that keeps costs down somewhat, and even then most mods I see are overpriced - in my eyes - for the aesthetics they offer. So bottom line, worth is subjective. It’s not about the function at all :wink:


so I havnt read this whole thread yet but I am getting a dripbox 160. this would be my first squonk mod and I am looking for advice on squoonking RDA’s. I am not that versed in dripping at all I am usually a tank man but I have a couple of drippers that I have finally gotten to work pretty good. so now I want to try squonking and I am not even sure how to distinguish regular RDA’s from Bottom feeding RDA’s?? any help would be appreciated…


@Jayrell welcome brother. Once you start squonking you will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. Anywho, the dripbox 160 comes with a BF (bottom fed) RDA. Unfortunately it isn’t that great. The difference between the bf and dripper rda’s is the contact screw at the bottom of the 510 connection. There are good ones and of course there is crap. A couple I like are… You have probably heard of the Hadaly, it comes with a bf pin. The M atty is nice the Odin the hobo v3. The ones I mentioned are my faves and are a bit on the pricey side, though each one has a clone that works just as good. The Odin V2 is an 80 dollar atty that are on sale for 50 bones and it is worth the cash. imo. http://www.lokilab.com/ here is a link. and here is a pic


Used is totally the way to go and I agree with you, it’s still too expensive at times. It’s like these people have never been to a yard sale. An $80 RDA shouldn’t be listed at $70, especially when it’s a year old. You know how much you get for a $100 microwave that’s in perfect condition at a yard sale, that’s a year old? $10, $20 if you’re lucky. LOL. I especially love seeing things like rx200 and RX 200s go up for $60, when you can buy them for $35-$45 all day, regardless of MSRP.


I get the difference between the two I guess a better way to pose the question is how do you know it’s a bottom fed RDA when shopping online? And can the BF rda be used as a regular dripper? What I mean is do they typically come with a solid pin too? Thanks for helping out!


Most of us know which ones will bottom feed, from research and use, so you can ask.
Also, which ones you can get a BF center pin for.
Another way is read the description carefully, many will say so these days.
"The Charm Style RDA is with top heat sink design and in 21mm diameter. The RDA supports top & bottom adjustable airflow control, 2 air slits on the sleeve. This RDA comes with botton feeder pin."

Some RDA’s don’t mention it, but have a center pin with a tiny grub, so you can use as a dripper…remove the tiny grub…use for squonking. The Velocity V2 is one, but not every clone has one…the Tsunami 24mm is another example.

All Goons will squonk if you buy the available center pin , and most Goon clones will use a squonk pin if they are 1:1
Good hex head squonk pins can be had on 3F Vape, and fit all of the Goons on their site EXCEPT the LP models, because they aren’t 1:1 clones.

One of the greatest RDA’s is the Velocity V2. You can use it either way, and they have the clones on FastTech, but you have to be careful which you buy. I can vouch for the one that sells for $9.57 and think it’s item # 4491602 have over a dozen of them and can’t tell the difference between an authentic.If you need the exact # just holler.


Both of these were bought from Geek Vape.
They were pre-order at the time.
One has a scratch-off, the other doesn’t, as one has the squonk pin, the other not.
Squonking has changed lately, becoming more popular in the USA, so more attys are available.


Nice OZO thanks! yes I want to grab a couple of the velocity style ones and I hear great things about the Goon clone too but not sure I can find them on fasttech. if you want to throw me a link to the right velocity clone that would be awesome… just PM it to me so I can have it for my order if you don’t mind. Thanks Brother



well said
10 carachters


If you want choices, I would get one from here…and not fool with Chinese Holiday


Or here…


I like Vapor Range and have used them a lot but they currently only have it in green :persevere:

I might have a friend that has a few extra he is holding for me and waiting to see what kind of price he is going to give me on it.


vapor beast seems to have the 160 at an awesome price… but not the silver one grrrr


Green…or Gunmetal


element vape has it for 47 and I can get silver… crap do I pay more for the color I want or just get the damn white one I hate these decisions


Vapor Range has the Tobeco Velocity Mini in black, white and SS. It comes with a BF pin. I personally prefer it over the V2 as it produces better flavor with the smaller chamber.


I will tell you my dripbox 160w gets a bunch of use. Look for the copper vape goon. It’s like 8-10 bucks. I use it daily. I love it. It will take time to use it correctly.

Just to give you a size comparison. The red one is an RX 200S.