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USA United Squonkers of America


I had the RX 2/3 but it took a Crap on me like 5 weeks after I got it… Figured they would be about the same size… thanks! I will look into getting the goon too


Here is the coppervape goon on top of it. Make sure it says with bottom feed pin.


This is my go to for traveling. At home I use drippers and Griffin’s. I love all my Griffins.


I have the Griffin 25 it is my all day every day cary… Even though it slightly leaks most times lol but it’s a good tank… I have been enjoying my iJoy RDTA box mod a lot recently especially with a 12ml capacity tank


I just found this for you Squonkers out there


They showed green and gunmetal but when I clicked on gunmetal it popped up out of stock.


Exactly. It gets even better when they’re selling a used 1600 RMB stab wood mod for 7000… LOL


Well I joint the squonking club today! Woo hoo!! Vape mail

Special thanks and big shout out to @ozo for sending me some links and helping out also thanks to @Dan_the_Man @TheTinMan1 @Skullblade789 and anyone else I missed!! I’m greatful for you all


Oh I’m pissed… In second thought I might not be squonking today… Open the dripbox160 and it looks like this


That sucks your Dripbox 160 is messed up :astonished:


yea I am hoping they will make it right… I really don’t want to send it back though because I will have to wait over a week before they get it and get another one in the mail plus they usually will make the sender pay for shipping… screw that noise


Damn Jay. Looks like they drug it through gravel before boxing it.


This is why I like the SS ones ( no paint to chip off )


Oh yea I wanted the SS one but it was out of stock unless I wanted to pay 50 or more for it some place else lol


FUCK IT…squonk some serious juice up her bottom…until it comes out her nostrils…
who cares what the fuck she looks like on the outside…love her for who she is…on the inside.
Don’t be so fashionable as to which party you take her to…or who the fuk may attend…
just be glad, happy, fortunate, excited…that you have someone that wants to be with you.
Bitch offends you, shame on you…send her to me, and she will be hugged.


lmao I had a good laugh on that one and yea I didn’t wait shes vaping like a dream at the moment scratches and all! I only bitched to them so maybe I can shame them into sending me another one :wink:


lulz. Hell, I’ll hug you after the good laugh I got from that!


How are you liking the IPV8 ? I am a fan of the yihi chip


So far So good… I need to check out the temp control on it still… I sleep need a DNA mod to compare