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USA United Squonkers of America


No doubt about it. The US has finally caught onto squonking so demand is going up. The Chinese will respond.



I use mainly mechanical squonkers on a daily basis , especially now that we can find the Sanyo NCR20700A cells.
I know some hate Ginger Vapor but if anyone wishes to buy a good Mechanical mod you can buy the 18650 version as well as the 2x700 version now for $99.00 .
I own both and I recommend the 20700 one , the Sanyo A cells are amazing and Mooch keeps saying the 21700 T cells are even better and should be available soon!


Where? I haven’t been able to find them. And $99 looks like a steal for that 20700 version. :+1:


Nope. On a restart after a battery change the display would flicker on and off. It would not fire. I don’t have any tool with a small enough torch/hex (?) bit to open it.

Most of the time I use a mech. I can usually fix one of those.:grin:


They are awesome , do you ebay?
You can trust this guy , they are pulled from Dewalt packs , my ebay handle is restorerancientiron and I left reviews about this guy and his batteries.I have since bought six , I have two 20700 squonkers and two 20700 tube mechs.


I’m not opposed to eBay. I just usually go to trusted companies direct. You though sir have an olive on your avatar so I trust your opinion in all matters vape related. :sunglasses:


Well played sir , well played!:crazy_face: Olive is good ,Olive as wise! Of course tomorrow JoJo will change the badge again and no one will know what the hell we are talking about!:rofl:


As a mech user, iam sure u know the importance of clean contacts but i would start there but after that it’s a t6 screwdiver, Gl to u!



I hope I don’t jinx you but I heard they pulled those off the shelf for some reason.I doubt it is many as all the reviews I seen about it were pretty good.

Since I ordered mine from 3AVape in China…I hope not.

When I was looking to order one, it was the only place I found that was not OOS. At some of the vendor sites I visited, I left a “Please notify me when back in stock” message. Strange that if they pulled them that I got one of those back in stock messages today?


So about 5 minutes ago I clicked your link to the Ebay seller. He showed 9 in stock. I thought they are kind of expensive, but at this point I don’t trust any of the ones that can be had online. So I decided to grab a couple per your recommendation. At the time I’m typing this he has 1 left :slight_smile: I bet he’s like what the hell man! Make sure you let him know you’re a saleman for him. He should give you future discounts.


I wish I had more details , it was on the “not another vape show” this past weekend.It was quickly mentioned by Mike Vapes or Heavy Metal vapors but I don’t remember.
If you just now ordered I think you will be fine. Again sorry to even mention it and I hope that I am wrong about it.


Lol , he is a good guy .When I first bought them no one had ordered any yet and I was kinda doubtful.He can be a little chatty at times , he is a talker for sure. I truly believe he cares about his customers.


Do you know if he vapes? If he does maybe he could join us. Chatty is good.


That is a great idea , I will invite Martin. He vapes for sure i have bought a few mods off of him.:+1:
Edit : invite has been sent ,please do the same when he corresponds with you about the batteries.


Love the common denominator! When I spend my money I like to put the probabilities in my favor that I will have the mod for a long time!


What is up my Vaping family??? Twisted_Straights is in the House!!! LOL


I have a lot of them, I just don’t want someone coming in and trying to buy like 30 or 40 as I want to reach as many customers as I can to create more and more relationships. Trust is what causes people to keep coming back and looking at other items as well. So I keep the numbers below 10 at all times!



Glad you stopped in , I mentioned I was able to grab some of the Sanyo 20700A cells from you and others were wanting to grab a few as well so I sent them your way.
@SthrnMixer and @Big_Benny_MI


Did i here free mod w/ every purchase? That’s crazy!! :rofl:


I was going to spring that little detail on him later.:rofl: