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Alright, I like the Kanger DB160, is there any other decent non-mech mods that are good?




Weren’t they having problems with the 510 leaking with that mod? Or has it been fixed? I was tempted to pick one up before I read about that.


If it’s an original one of the LDPE bottles I don’t think that’s any better than the stock. The LDPE isn’t bad until the bottle gets about half empty, then it becomes an utter bitch to squeeze. That’s why I replaced the one on the Gbox and the Drone. Those are soft silicone bottles and just so easy to squonky squonk.

If you like your power, so far the Gbox is an ace. Nice power except for in TC which is limited to just 80 watts. Maybe your builds would be ok, but the way I build is almost half of the watts I need.

Another member and I have discussed it, and while there’s a little work involved, replacing the supplied LDPE squonk bottle with a silicon one and the squonk bottle compartment cover’s screws with magnets will make this a much friendlier and efficient mod. I’ll be getting to the magnet thing in the next month.


I did not know that I just saw the ad in a e mail That sucks if it leaks it was a good price :frowning_face:


The Lost Vape bottle I got is soft silicone it came with a silicone Refill bottleLVRSBB-2T

The squonk bottle has to be more than 7ml ( but I did not check )
$14.99 is a good price for both But I like the Flask refill bottle better


I’m on the hunt for a good refill bottle. Just ordered a couple of these:

Hoping they work out as 60ml Chubby Gorillas are what I use daily anyway. If not do you have a favorite refill bottle?


YEP The Flask because I can throw it in my lunch box for work and I don’t have to worry about it getting squished. It’s also nice to pre wet your cotton with the small tip

Now like he said in the video it would be nice if they came in different colors


And now we have the clone But it has a PET bottle



PET? That’s horrible!


Yeah thats why I put it up so people would know it’s not a Silicone bottle


You’re a champion!


Question for everybody. How are the silicone bottles holding up? Personally I have concern of flavor retention. Bottle degradation from flavors and etc!!!

Remember the old days when we worried about a flavor cracking a plastic tank? Well that was slightly befor my day but right when I started vaping.


So far I have not had a problem I have changed from a tobacco to a strawberry with no after taste I just wash it out good


After exactly 5 months of receiving it (and with less than 300ml of juice through it) my GBOX S100 no longer works.

You may wish to take a look at a Hotcig Squonk RSQ. I ordered one.


That sucks. Any idea what the problem is?


I hope I don’t jinx you but I heard they pulled those off the shelf for some reason.I doubt it is many as all the reviews I seen about it were pretty good.


So not too many regulated squonkers out there. A shame really.


I have gone squonk crazy it seems and have over a dozen in use at times.The only issue I have had is discoloration using some of my nets. It seems some of the teas and tobacco vapes will stain them. I clean them with dish detergent though and can not detect any flavor retention.


I have a few but not many that I like. The boxer dna 75c is great but pricey ,I have a simplicity 75 c that is gorgeous but bulky. The therion dna 75 is nice but heavy.The Vtinbox is great but only after I modded it to use silicone bottles. I have a sva clone that I loved but now it has connection issues.

Here is a pic of my newest mech squonker , love this one so far!
I honestly feel we are going to see more and more and they will get better!