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Using nic salts


If I want to use nic salts, I keep seeing things about percentages, do you use the elr calculator the same or would 2 percent be the same as 2mg freebase nic?


Treat nicotine salt the same way you would with freebase. Enter the desired strength and nicotine strength as usual. The benefits of nicotine salt is that you’re able to increase the nicotine strength and not feel the harshness of that nicotine throat hit like you would in freebase.


Thanks! can i use it in sub ohm as long as i keep it to 6 mg or so at 55
watts or under?


You can use it in any tank. It’s just like any other e-liquids. Nicotine salt just gives you the option to increase the nicotine strength in your juices for a quicker nicotine fix without the harshness that comes with higher strength nicotine in freebase.


I do, and have shared it with friends who all agree it’s much better in every way to freebase nic. Smoother with very little harshness…


I’m using vaperstek regular nic at 20mg in several sub ohm tanks. But not all nic will be ok above 6mg


Great company vaperstek, their chemnovatic nic is my #1