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Using the dreaded Cheesecake (TPA)


I am new in the DIY, but I’ll get straight to the point. I bought a 10 ml bottle of the original Cheesecake (TPA) and I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to throw away stuff i paid. I kindly ask for some recipes i could use that flavoring in.

I know how great are all the other cheesecakes, so please, don’t start writing about them, just need some recipes on the flavoring I posted


i believe @jojo and @GPC2012 both like that flave they may be able to help , i may be wrong , however good luck with this


Watermelon or honeydew with it is pretty good.


I can’t imagine watermelon with this a cheesecake or creme based in general but I happen to have it, what percentages you suggest? And what exactly is honeydew?


Go to the recipe side of the site… type in “cheesecake” in the search bar, and you’ll find heaps


Some people say I must not use more than 2%, I made 5% and I have no idea how to save the mixture


Problem is that most people use Cheesecake (Graham Crust) :frowning:


Scroll down and click the bar that says “recipes”.


if its a SF ( only cheesecake ) then you can cutbit in half making it 2.5pct , i cant really speak from experiance i bought this flave 2.5years ago and instantly moved to other cheescake flavors , there are a lot of recipes using this flavor


I would use it at 6% watermelon the 2% cheesecake. Honeydew is another type of sweet melon.


Heavier on any melon mix. Cheesecake should be an exhale note.


which brand of watermelon do you prefer with this mix?


Will make a 10 ml batch of 2% Cheesecake (TPA) and 6% Watermelon (TPA) and let it steep for a while, heard that Cheesecake (TPA) takes alot (a month or so) to steep.


Which ever mix is preferable to you. I have stones pre made of various flavor companies. My stones are Grandmas cooking at its finest. Works for me.


If you have some of the other great cheesecakes, you can mix the TPA in to many of them in low percentages 1% or so and actually get some cheesecake use out of it. That was the only acceptable way I found to use my 10ml bottle of it up. It worked OK augmenting others.

How I will ever use a 4oz bottle of DX Sweet Cream I accidentally ordered, I dunno. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also that’s the only bottle of flavor I ever spilled at the mixing station, so about an ounce of that all over things. Nothing like the smell of feet everywhere…


I use it in this recipe and it is awesome


That’s a great idea too! Should try using it along Cheesecake (Graham Crust) until it’s all gone! Thanks for the recommendation!


Dx sweet cream really is a good butttery cream when used at 2% or less. I bought 4oz too a long while back and still use it occasionally. Doesn’t seem to go bad.