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Vanilla custard tastes not as I expected


@Chrispdx Whew, I’m glad you said that. I thought I was going crazy when I started test mixing it. You’re absolutely right.



Have you tried FLV vanilla pudding? I enjoy it but find that as it steeps the vanilla aspect tends to get overly “dark”…
I do highly recommend German Flavors Vanilla pudding, the only flavor from my experience that tasted of actual vanilla pudding and can be bent into an authentic custard.
I have been testing FR custard also many claim to taste butric note but i think they used 2 much(1.5-2%) from my tests so far with FR less is more. My SF test of FR custard at 0.75% seems promising. Just noticed they have a FR vanilla custard as well up on NR site! :smiley:

Edit% oops i didnt mean to modify your quote lol
Second sentence of quote are my thoughts…


Yes, thanks for the suggestion but I have it in my stash already :slight_smile:
It’s really a very nice flavor but I haven’t found out how to work well with it yet. Something goes off when you try higher flavor % with it. So it works well in a mix as an undertone but I’d like to bring it more to the front and I fail every time trying.


I agree about FLV pudding, and i have the same problem with the plain Custard FLV it gets weird for me above 1%.

If you can track down the German flavors vanilla pudding it could be the holy grail you seek
I got it at Vaperstek


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye open for it. Much appreciated :love_you_gesture:


Last time i looked on vaperstek i couldnt find it :thinking: i may shoot an email and ask if they can stock it again


for me TPA vanilla custard has a harsh peppery note ( vape form ) i do not test concentrates on the hand or straight because i always get a nasty bitter taste


I know you love some Strawberry Milkshake SC RF. I don’t have it but most flavors I really love has a pretty good FT. Just curious if you tried an FT on it or will you try in case you haven’t?


One other thing to input is I noticed you didn’t state what percent you used in your mix. It may be you need to let that juice sit and steep for a bit to let the taste settle out some. While I’m sure it won’t hurt you in the long run on getting a couple different creams or custards (you’ll most likely get more at some time anyway)… I would set that new juice to the side for a couple weeks and re-visit it to see if you notice any changes in your perception of it later. Couldn’t hurt (too much).


i havent finger tested , but ill try anything once :slight_smile:


just for shits and giggles , i tried on finger and i could taste the starwberry very well but the alcohol type taste over powers everything else and makes me shiver lol , i could see this helping some that can get past the bitter taste and i could actually see using this to get glimpse of what to expect but im not sure if its only bc i can taste the strawberry ill have to try with a cream


Sorry for the adverse taste… Just as some posted…“It ain’t for everyone”


lmao , i knew what i was getting into


This is a group of flavors I find very hard to judge from a FT. Beside the RF SC Ice Cream Sandwich, I was never able to gauge this group of flavors by a FT.


i could see that , thats why i was thinking about doing it


@vinTage How far do you want to go down the custard hole? It’s a deep hole !!!


@mixologist13 +1, added to the shopping list.


Missing a really good one there @SessionDrummer

and I do like this one too (even with the slight lemon notes that FA love to add to everything)


Alright for you custard heads out there I came up with a stone I am proud of.

SB Custard Stone:

This combo to me has been absolutely divine.