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Vanilla custard tastes not as I expected


German Flavors Joghurt (Quark) is amazing as well, best darn yogurt I have ever tried.


Absolutely GF quark yoghurt is far superior than what the other brands have to offer. Its a shame German Flavors arent more readily available because Vaperstek gouge you on pricing and i was unable to navigate the german website. Perhaps @Silhouette we should encourage @Nicotine_River to add them! Please! Lol
@silouette i am curious which other GF you have tried? Ill show you mine if you show me yours :wink: lol


@woftam, How the hell did I miss that ??? !!!


@Skullblade789 I don’t think you could jam much more cream IN to that one. I’m on board !!!


Just a good smooth custard.


Well shit, now I just WANT it now…

… yours that is …


Please edit, lol!!!


@woftam Wow, how DID I miss this one ??

A thick, rich, smooth vanilla custard that has subtle nutty notes of pistachio and almond as well as a touch of dairy. It oozes of decadence, and the creamy aspects of this flavoring are unmatched. The vanilla is prominent but not overbearing and doesn’t add any unnecessary notes. The eggy properties are just right and you don’t feel like you’re vaping on an eggnog flavor like some custards have. The dairy in this flavoring is just right as well and easily boosted with addition to any Fresh Cream or Sweet Cream if you need a more “milky” flavor.
Authored by Enyawreklaw on diyordievaping.com

Left behind: CAP v1 & v2, TFA and FW… They’re not even close to competing with FLV or FA

at 1% fucking awesome.
perfect amount of sweet, vanilla and custard
not candy-like at all
my favorite vanilla so far

this custard was handed down to us by gods. Butter-Creamy enough, I doubt any extra would help when mixing with this. Great with cap van custard. *Best in show. [These are not flavor warnings to worry about.]

botboy Review-
Vanilla Custard - 10/10 - Simply put, the most well rounded custard/vanilla custard flavor I have tried. I’ve gone through CAP, TFA, FA, FW, you name it, and every variation of this type of flavor they have released and nothing comes close to FLV. It’s a slightly sweet vanilla with the true custard, ZERO chemical trace flavors to it. Adds the beautiful buttery custard notes we all love, without diacetyl. Definitely contains acetoin/acetyl propionyl, but no diacetyl. If you like Vanilla Custard in any way, shape or form, this is a must have flavor. Recommend using between 0.5% and 3% in a mix depending if you’re just trying to add background notes or make it the prominent flavor, 4% standalone seemed about right to me (I tend to like my flavors a little weak though).

5 Stars
A must have
There is only 2 vanilla custard I use in my recipes. And this is definitely one of them. The vanilla is so smooth and on point. The cream note allows me to fill the emptiness of my other ingredients. Without it my recipes would not be complete.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Randy from Chicago,Il. on 11/8/2015
5 Stars
Well rounded
I really liked this by itself, the vanilla comes through great and the custard flavor isn’t too overpowering but very smooth. This also goes great in mixes, I’m working on a butterscotch custard now and it’s delicious. This flavor will definitely be a main staple in quite a few flavors
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) KELLY M AULT from Ohio. on 11/17/2015
5 Stars
This is a great custard without alot of the “eggy” taste. My favorite custard flavor for my mixes.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Jason Lunz from Pa. on 3/19/2016
5 Stars
I ordered a 4oz of the vanilla custard and it was amazing! It was perfectly balanced and delicious. The customer service was awesome too. I asked for a free sample and they sent me two. Good people
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) josh tate from Boaz. on 7/12/2016
5 Stars
Think a certain v1 custard may of finally been dethroned. This is good stuff, if your debating it get it, you wont be disappointed. Flavorah is quickly becoming my favorite vendor for flavors. Their flavors are just wonderful
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Reviewed by: Philip Gooch from Indiana . on 3/18/2016


Dunno mate but it is a ripper custard think you will like it - a little less time in the steep draw than vc1 as well


I have the Joghurt, Erdbeer (Strawberry Yogurt), and recently Peach Yogurt. I don’t really care for fruits, especially Strawberry, but it is still fantastic. I don’t do yogurts that often, my husband bought some other brand yogurts as well like FA and Cap, they are just so different from the GF ones. Those are the only 3 I have. I haven’t bought more strictly for the price point, but I’ve been thinking about it here recently. If the Custard is good then I am going for it though!


I keep running back to the mixing cave, looking in all the nooks and crannies. I could have sworn I had that.



This is the OTHER one we are talking about, right ??


You mean GF vanilla pudding?

I have
GF vanilla crescent
GF vanilla pudding
GF quark yoghurt
GF rubharb
GF honeydew
GF Erdbeer (strawberry)
GF Lakritz (liquorice)
GF zimstern (ginger cookie)
GF gingerbread
GF melon galia
GF passionfruit
GF cheesecake

I posted some thoughts on these on the obscure brands thread… If you have any questions regarding any of these feel to ask…


Yup ! Swear i couldnt find it and i just recieved my recent order from them #facepalm


Oops, yes I mean Pudding.


I learned this quite a while ago. It’s a road I’ve traveled during my intensive flavor research when I was searching for the best for me. I really don’t know why I didn’t stick with them, but some I tried was very good…

A very very old order… I don’t Know how I missed the Custard…


I see you tried the GF cookie one of my favorite flavors ever. As well as the toffee, they do have two different toffees however one was very weak and the other very very good and strong. If you do get the toffee again as i recommend it lol make sure to specifically ask for product number #1362 (Sahne bonbon)

Ignore the fact that it says 7% on the label(germans are a bit aggresive lol) you only need 0.5% as an accent, 1% as a mixer and 3% as a SF


If you can’t find it at Vaperstek, you can always order straight from Germany. Shipping costs are rather significant, which may explain why even local suppliers sell it at a premium price.
But… if you like good food, you spend a little extra at a good restaurant too. If GF flavors are really that good, I don’t mind paying a little extra.

Here is some info on their shipping costs (https://www.germanflavours.de/lieferung):

Shipping costs & delivery time
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Should there be separate additional shipping costs for individual articles, these are listed in our catalog directly in the article and will be included in the order process in the total transport costs. This overview does not contain any information about article-specific shipping costs of your shopping cart. These costs are shown directly in the article.

In the order process, after selecting the shipping method, the specific shipping costs for your order (based on the selected shipping method and the specific content of your basket) will be calculated and displayed to you immediately before sending your order in a complete overview of all order data.

The following shipping methods are available in our online shop:

DHL Pickup Mon.-Fri. 2.00 pm

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Only shipping to: Germany
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UPS Inland Zone 1 Pickup Mon.-Fri. 3.30 pm
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  • Valid for delivery within Germany.


I have checked out the site before and would order enough to distribute shipping cost. I said would because google translates the first page to english for me but subsequent pages go back to german how do i get it to stay translated?


For me, all text gets translated but not the text on images…
Not sure whether it’s standard behaviour or some extension I’ve got installed. I do remember having clicked a pop-up to always translate German to English. My German isn’t all that great either.
There are a couple translation extension available in the google store though.