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Vanilla custard tastes not as I expected


K so i sorted the translate to always and it worked! I added 100ml vanilla pudding went to register and NIEN! Lol this is where im stuck now lol

Its an age verification thing that asks for block 1,2,3&4 guessing this is standard info on german ID but on canadian ID/birth certificate not so much…

Odd thing is 100ml is 33euros which is 49CAD whereas Vaperstek is out of stock of 100ml but 30ml are $10.50 so vaperstek is actually slightly cheaper. Going to email and ask for a wholesale account. I want a 1L!


I see what you mean…
Maybe it’s best just to send them an email at info@germanflavours.de


Just wanted to note that as written, this could very easily read/translate to the inexperienced as you saying that “the flavor isn’t for everyone”, as opposed to what I’m fairly sure you intended to be “Finger testing isn’t for everyone” :wink:

Lol :wink: That’s the spirit!

It’s fairly ‘safe to do’ with most flavors… But you’ll “pay dearly for it” with “the wrong ones” (sometimes for hours) :rofl:


Since you didn’t mention the percentage of stone you use per recipe (on average)… I’ve got to ask.

Are you mixing for a company or battalion? o0


Thank you for that tidbit!
I received a few 2ml GF samples with my Ina order last year, and haven’t touched them since I saw the crazy high percentage suggestions (most were 8% plus).

This actually gives a glimmer of interest and hope!


For anyone that know me here, also know it’s really not hard for me to say what’s on my mind… How an individual interpret it is on them.


Yeah, for sure… keep your fingers away of ws-23 (30%) unless your nose is so stuffed that even a scorpion pepper doesn’t clear it out. Your mouth and throat will be numb for hours and even when the feeling comes back, you’re still not going to taste anything for a good while.
(a few drops in a 30ml bottle gives you an arctic blast and instant brainfreeze)


Wow, I wasn’t expecting so much answers!!!

Thx everybody :+1:

I did search for the suggested aromas, but here it is not available (other then Cap or TPA) (or if it is, they have a sh*tty website wish can not be found via Google).

My regular supplier has also Cap, so to start I will order this and hope it is not so harsh.
since I’m just a starter/hobbiest, I dont want to order across borders, just for a few mils.

Once again a big cheers for all contributers, and I have some brand names in the back of my head, just in case I really need the better/other taste!

Kind regards :facepunch:


Shameless self promotion since I have returned to the community. Try something like this if you don’t want to waste the TPA custard: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/21974/Vagnerian%20Canape
Or adapted as a base: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/29021/Milkstone%202.0

The coconut and cream cut the harshness and you end up with a dry, less sweet subtle custard cream flavor, from what I remember. I worked with that flavor quite a bit before moving to CAP VC.


@et3rn1ty Welcome back, and bring on the shamelessness !!! I actually had both of those favorited, just haven’t mixed them yet.