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Vanilla recipe without eggy creams or custard


I suppose for now, something like this would help me a bit: search google for "site:e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe vanilla -custard -bavarian"
Of course you can make your search as refined as you wish, e.g.
site:e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe vanilla cream -custard -bavarian -“vanilla bean ice cream” -purilum -PUR -MF -NF -LB -OOO -“vanilla ice cream”

And no, I’m in the TPD regulated EU :slight_smile:

Searching for recipes without specific flavors
Searching for recipes without specific flavors
Searching for recipes without specific flavors

So are you looking for a creamy vanilla without the eggy/buttery taste in it ?? i think you would be able to achieve this a lot easier than if you were just looking for a straight vanilla vape which is what i have failed at , but for the creamy vanilla without eggy taste that would be something is your stash public ?


It should be, http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/86585
I don’t want to limit myself to my flavor stash though, if there’s something good, I’ll get the flavors if I can get my hands on them. Quite a few US flavors are not sold in Europe though.


i think you have a great stash and if your open to a vanilla cream you have all the right stuff im gonna go find PV vanilla milkshake base and. post it here , i believe he uses the MF vanilla but you could probably switch and use the Holy vanilla


Great! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


ok so here is his base , but because of the tpa VBIC and The FA cream whipped i believe you will get the buttery/ eggy taste so im gonna ask @Pro_Vapes if my statement is true , the two flaves i pointed out do have diketones and typically thats where the eggy/ buttery taste comes from

Note : im gonna look at your stash again and try to come up with a starti g point hopefully , what have you tried already ?


Besides the Holy Vanilla and Vanilla Shisha, I’ve tried all the flavors in my stash. I’m just looking for something without the VBIC, Bavarian or Custard.

Oh, very very little experience with FA Catalan Cream as well… not sure if that one’s eggy as well. Must be about a year ago that I tried it and I didn’t take notes very well (still don’t but I am trying to get better and more disciplined at it).

Just the other day I tried a VBIC with strawberries again… 2% VBIC and it ruined the whole recipe for me. As a SNV it acts a lot like a bavarian cream and then when the eggy mess nearly disappears, the pepper kicks in lol


At times I want just Vanilla too, I’ve tweaked this one a few times, it works for me. Maybe you’ll like it.


Sounds like a good one, I will definitely give it a try. Why the MTS though? Anything harsh in the juice?


No…nothing harsh at all. To me it seems thicker. Maybe it’s all in my head. Lol


was the capella VBIC eggy in your opinion ? and yes the bavarian and custards are gonna be more rich so im thinking Vienna Cream , Fresh Cream and maybe the shisha vanilla , i really like to use Fresh Cream and Ooo Milky undertones to get that half and half flavor then add MF vanilla for a nice vanilla cream without the buttery/ eggy note but i didnt see the OOO or MF anyway im gonna play with the flaves in your stash and try to help you except the Holy Vanilla because i dont have it , in the mean time maybe someone who has already done this with the flaves you have can jump in and help


I feel the thread is derailing a bit, absolutely no problem though, but the vanilla was a bit of an example. I also would like to be able to exclude other flavors in future searches. Daath’s response gave me a satisfactory answer on my question so let it all derail as much as you want from here :wink:


ahhhh i see lol , sorry i misread and thought you needed a hand making a vanilla recipe… but it was more of a question regarding the flavor searches ooops…


I can’t remember, but I’m open to it as long as it’s not the main flavor. FW and Cap are definitely better in this area than TPA.

Haven’t vaped it yet but it smells better than any other vanilla I have. It does have a strong caramelized tone to it though. You should try it :slight_smile:

Somehow I never really got any creaminess from Vienna… my taste buds can’t seem to pick up the flavor no matter what.
Cream Fresh or Fresh Cream… love it for real


No worries, it doesn’t mean I’m not still looking for that ultimate vanilla vape :smiley:


good because thats what attracted me to the thread , im always trying to create a GREAT vanilla vape i havent tried to in a long time so this inspired me lol


Same here but the problem I usually have with trying to create something is that different vanilla flavors are fighting each other instead of boosting one another, I run up against a wall, start looking for some inspiration in others’ recipes and then it’s all custard I’m seeing :smiley:
It’s like an everlasting search but I think I’ve already a bit more to try from this thread.

Additional recipes and ideas are always welcome though. Vanilla must be one of the most liked flavors in the world, I don’t know many (if any) that don’t like a good vanilla anything.


What I get from the flavor notes, I suppose that whipped marshmallow (cap) could be replaced with a whipped cream and marshmallow?
Or since you’re missing some mouth feel (why you need the MTS), could you use Cream Fresh instead of anything whipped?


Yes, honestly, I don’t get a "whipped " marshmallow from the Silverline CAP. It’s a decent marshmallow though.


Not going to help the OP, but I am really partial to this recipe

This is the original recipe posted, but for my preference I have dropped the AP to 0.1% and the Biscuit (INW) to 1.2%.and give mine a 4 week steep minimum But definitely worth a try at the original recipe first and if the biscuit/AP is a little high then adjust accordingly.