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Vape Begone: San Francisco says goodbye to e-juice


Ban the children, keep the flavors!


Can´t people just buy flavors / flavored e juice from some nearby state instead? There are no border control /custom between states i US right?


The larger issue at hand is… this is the FIRST time this type of legislation has passed for a municipality. This shit (thought process and action) will grow and devastate the vaping/tobacco realm, like a glioblastoma brain tumor, all across the country if folks don’t do their part to stop the madness! :rage: Thus, the need for proper advocacy in the vaping world.


Not in a strict sense, but I don’t think many are going to bother with a 200 mile (too the nearest state) drive, just to get e-liquids, but for now it’s just the city of San Francisco… for now.
The black-market is going to explode. I can already see the headlines reading "juice lab busted! E-liquids worth over 1 million dollars on the street, seized!"
When is the US ever going to learn. First it was prohibition… it failed.
Then, marijuana (only because hemp was threatening to shut down the pulp mill industry)… It’s failing, but not fast enough.
Now, it’s e-liquids. Why go after the industries that are so easy for the layman too replicate?
I’m just going to keep up my current campaign against nonsensical legislation.
Join me. Call your state reps and let your voice be heard. It doesn’t matter if you voted for them or not. For whatever time they have left in office, they ARE representing YOU.


Kind of funny we haven’t heard much about august 8th here lately. There was a bunch of discussion about it a few months ago and now I haven’t heard much.


Don’t think it can’t happen. I forget which it is, but there is a city in N. CA that banned smoking everywhere. including your car. Don’t know if it stuck or not but it was ridiculous.




As well as the African american community…
Its completely unreal and illogical to put africans, lgbt and kids together and label them as vulnerable people…
Hopefully this can get overturned.


It’s all about diverting the people away from the actual issues…this is a smoke screen!


I was only kidding around, just thought it was funny cuz of all the times I blew fat clouds out the window while passing by 5.0s and was expecting to see sirens :rotating_light: lol. Very interesting law about smoking though! Remember hearing about that!


When I hear San Francisco, I always think of open mindedness, new age practices, healthy living, peace and love. If this was posted without the city name, I would have thought it was the midwest or south somewhere, the bible belt, San Francisco would be one of my last guesses! Not even Menthol Cigarettes? Wow! If you can’t get your smokes anymore, where do you turn first? Vaping! And now that’s not an option either. This is a whole lot of shit!

I do feel that many of the premade Juices are named and labeled in an immature way, and that can appeal to kids. I feel like more restrictions on label graphics and the juice names would make it less appealing to kids than anything else!


Well, Supervisor Cohen has made a name for herself and her friends, hasn’t she? Best way for a politician to keep themselves in the limelight, create a new issue and get a resolution passed, then they’re the hero of the day!


I can hardly believe what I’m reading here. I’m in the UK and granted our politicians are quite capabable of comeing up with ridiculous ideas too, but, the state of San Francisco have outdone themselves here. I have no doubt the black market will prevail. The result will be unregulated e-juice content and hygiene making the situation worse (less safe) not better. Some people will make a tidy sum on black market and the state loses revenue from the many, currently legal stores. Not to mention the related job losses… WTF!
I truly cannot get my head around this! Perhaps it’s only a matter of time something just as nonsensical happens here. I suspect though, that our government are currently happy to receive the tax raised through e-cig related sales.
This is purely speculation; but with the continuing lost revenue in taxes due to the decline of smokers, I’m expecting a big hike in all e-cig products taxation on the horizon.
I guess for the time being anti terrorism and brexit will be a distraction. It’s only a matter of time though.


This can’t be for real… Usually California is the first to loosen up on things, not crack down.


Yes GPG, this flavor ban is a particularly dirty way of getting rid of vape shops in SF proper. Of course vapers can travel to the next township/suburb to get their juice, or order online. But you have to feel terribly bad for the vape shops in SF, all due to a self-righteous hall-monitor type of mentality. Makes me ill. But hey, SF is being ‘benevolent’ by giving the shops a years grace, in order to switch to selling something less toxic to the community (don’t remember the exact phrase now). Odd, didn’t California recently pass a law restricting buying e liquid to 21 or over? Shouldn’t that have been enough to ‘save our children’?


Technically though, couldn’t these shops sell the unflavored base in various nic levels, and one shot flavor bases separately…thus turning many casual vapers into casual diy’ers?


These are Malia Cohens words: “We are not looking to put small stores out of business,” supervisor Malia Cohen said at the board hearing. “We want to help them make this transition from selling a poisonous commodity to selling something that will benefit the neighborhood.”


Like hm… veggies? :grin: :roll_eyes:


Sounds good to me, although…
My knowledge of US law is about zero BUT I would expect Malia Cohen to go for amending the legislation?

What a load of horse s**t!


No no, they can start selling tobacco since it isn’t any limitations on that from what i understand. And it is obviously not as dangerous as liquid and flavors.