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Vape Begone: San Francisco says goodbye to e-juice


Ah, ok. That will clearly benefit the neighborhood :thumbsup: Thank heavens there’s still tobacco! :roll_eyes:


I couldn’t agree more. Save the Children from that poisonous E liquid and get them on some honest Cigarettes !



The only vulnerable people here are the politicians we vote them in and we can vote them out which also makes a career politicians ambitions a little harder.


But do [we] the people REALLY make the final decision?? I can speculate and say money has the final say on who gets votes, but that’s just my opinion from the paranoia files. :eyes:


Your not paranoid Laura5 it’s a well known fact that big pharma, tobacco, alcohol and banking control our government. That’s where all the money is and they control the lobbyists and they control the flow of money to the politicians to get what they want. The tougher they make the rules on vaping and the harder it is to get supplies the more frustrated the vaping public becomes all a ploy to drive us back to the analogs. If you ask me the idiots that passed this law should be taken out and flogged.


Then why hasn’t she and the rest of her political cronies banned the sale of alcohol and cigarettes in San Francisco both are addictive and come in flavors? Answer: the vaping business is not as well organized as the tobacco and alcohol industry. Next thing you know ejuice will be joining marijuanaas a scheduled 1drug.


And the Vape shops are benefiting the neighborhood they are a source of taxes and employment which spur spending and growth. BTW vaping is less poisonous than tobacco.


By poisonous commodity she means poisonous to the money flow, though you won’t get her to admit it. Face it, San Francisco just as other cities in the US have set up a network of tax money from the sales of tobacco. Vape shops and other vapor outlets are robbing (in their eyes) millions of dollars in tax earnings by getting people to quit smoking. Of course they’re willing to lie call a life saving liquid, poison. For many, many years cities, states, federal government, big pharma, and yes, even big tobacco themselves have benefited from the sales of tobacco. All were getting rich, all were happy UNTIL, the vapor dealers came along PUSHING their vapor on unsuspecting tobacco users. How rude of these vapor pushers to interrupt the flow of money. How rude…


I was vaping in front of my neighbor the other day; he had never been around someone who vapes. The FIRST THING that came out of his mouth was… wasn’t I concerned about getting “popcorn lung”! :rage:

I had a long talk with him… educated him… suggested he do his own research about certain things instead of listening to the bullshit the world spews on a daily basis.


Lol. You have a neighbor that has never seen you vape. I always think of you in a little hut making your nets…and little vaper plumes floating out the windows all day. Think cartoon style.


At least your neighbor had an open mind and was willing to listen. I live in Philadelphia and I have had people accuse me of hurting there health with second hand smoke and I always try my damndest when vaping outdoors to make sure I am considerat not to blow my vapor on others but when they are 30’ away and have someone puffing on a analog 5’ away from them something is wrong. And yea I tried to educate them about the 500+ chemicals that the person next to them is spewing out and that what I’m doing is not as bad and my vapor is less dangerous than cigarette smoke only to have them turn around and light up. SMH. People are influenced by what they hear and not fact and sometimes you can change their minds and sometimes you can’t.


4000+ :wink: