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Vape for poor folks


In the beginning it was about my health, successfully ending a terrible smoking habit of four decades transcended into a hobby which although can be costly, is definitely less than smoking a couple packs a day. I gave up adding up the bucks some time ago when I realized how much this has improved my way of life: losing a bunch of weight and quitting drinking as well with the help of vaping. Like others have mentioned there are no ashtrays nor yellow stain all over my walls and money that goes up in smoke, I would trade that any day for a lot of neat shiny metal gadgets and clear healthy lungs!


I’ve heard mixed reviews about vaping weed. I haven’t took a hit since I was in college…I eat too much and it didn’t help LOL.

Where are you from in Europe?

The people suffering from mental health conditions have been hit pretty hard by the no indoor smoking policies. I’m talking about the people who are (temporarily) committed.
The majority of mental patients are smokers and it is punishment enough to be locked up without having to depend on the goodwill of a nurse to allow you to go out for a smoke.

I agree. My mother was the head supervisor of the biggest psychiatric facilities here in NJ for 25 years. I must say that going outside and smoking is one of the only bits of happiness that patients get.


yeah. luckiy for me, i’ve never been in that position, but I do know a mental health nurse who told me the exact same thing! It beats me how the health services as a whole can manage to go on and on and denying something that all the nurses know, for a fact. Grrrr. British NHS , in my case (i live in England) It offten strikes me that our govenment make a packet out charging people huge amounts (in import duty) for self-medicating. I guess it’s not in their intersts to admit that some people actualy need the nicotine.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Ah, a victim of Jeremy Hunt, he should change the first letter of his surname :sunglasses:


oh? Whatever do you want to change it to? *innocent whistle *


My husband and i were rolling our own cigs near the end. We spent a lot of money at first and thought maybe this isnt cheaper than smoking.
I then put my ocd tendacies to work and the cost came out slightly above rolling. BUT the decade of buying them does negate the cost of vaping.
It was about money at first then it became about feeling better and not stinking up a room.
Now, he rebuilds and i whip up juice. Its a super fun hobby with better health as a cherry on top.


I guess the part I was trying to push is Vaping is not more costly than stinkys and so far looks like most who have left there thoughts mentioned cigarettes meaning that they are former smokers . And yes it is enjoyable making your own juice I’m going to start making snow cones with some of my juice flavorings and there’s no two ways about it the benefits of not having to pick up a cigarette in almost 3 years zip Zero by far outweighs anything the reports I’ve seen make it sound like E cigs are nothing other than a Fab thing getting people hooked on nicotine reading this article there’s most everybody’s mention they are x to smokeing and I believe that’s awesome


I think the thing is that while smoking costs a reasonably fixed amount in a given locality, if you buy packages cigarettes, vaping acn cost a really variable amount. For most smokers, they smoke what they smoke, pay what they pay, and that’s it. For a lot of vapers it becomes something of a hobby and they spend more on it than is absolutely necessary (I’m guilty of that, though not to the degree some people are :wink: .)

DIY by itself is like that too. If you quickly find three or four recipes you like, with not that many ingredients, and hopefully some shared ingredients, you just make those, and you order all of the materials in bulk, DIY is super-cheap. That’s a bit harder for poor people to do though (source: I’m doing fairly well these days, but I grew up poor, and have had some times as an adult when I was not very well off.) It’s one of the sad things about being poor- there are a lot of ways to save money if you have cash-on-hand, but the people who most need to do so don’t have that cash at any one time. Cooking and shopping can be like that too.

OTOH, DIY can be fairly expensive if you get really into it, and have to have all the flavors just to try out new recipes from other people, or invent new ones yourself. And if you have an equipment addiction on top of that… Well- it would cost me over $4000.00 USD per year to smoke, where I live, or a little over $300.00 a month. I save a significant amount of money annually, but there have been months where I spent more than that on equipment + DIY. I didn’t have to though, and if I were suddenly poor I could spend very little on vaping, comparatively.


Absolutely! In my case, was very very lucky that I managed to scrape up enough capital to stock up on base liquid before the TPD landed. I can imagine there are others in Britain, who might no longer be able DIY effectively (and therefore have to buy the much more expensive ready-made juices )just because they didn’t have the cash at the right time.

In numerous other instances (non ejuice related) I haven’t been near so lucky, and have had to pay through the nose for the privilege of being poor! how ironic is that.


well, as long vaping stays in practical use (stay away from stinkies, vaping with a descent device…) it’s a lot cheaper than stinkies… i needed like 16euros for 4packs of cigs every single day… i sometimes think that using normal drugs in some cases could be cheaper than it…
many mods have been passed from my hands and even more and more tanks, RDA’s… though i don’t complain (don’t take this badly)…

16euros per day = 480 per month = 5.760euros per year in average…

when started vaping i was a smoker for 19 years (started at the age of 12…started vaping at the age of 31 and now i am becoming 35 years old in 4 months) while i was smoking these 4 packs for like 10 years… when started vaping i was vaping 24mg nic… and like 15ml/day… while costed me like 14euros per 2 days at that time… just half the money…

when started DIY… (tbh i started with single flavors… like just a simple Apple Pie of TFA, or Just simple a TFA Cinnamon… ANYTHING but just a single flavor) this cost went down at less that 1/3 i was spending for stinkies… now hopefully with the help of communities, exchanging recipes with other vapers etc… i make more complicated mixes, while though they’re more expensive than just using a single flavor…the only difference in reality is that i just have to pay at once more bottles and making more ejuice since i use a little of this and that flavor so like 5 bottles of flavor can make like 200-300 and sometimes even up to 500mls… still the cost is much lower than buying stinkies… while not taking in consideration the health benefits, expenses that stinkies were adding (like i don’t have to paint my home so frequently just to make the walls cleaner from that ugly yellow color, or having to wash anything to make the smell of stinkies go away so often) etc etc… i just noticed only a little after i started vaping…

i have bought a lot of devices in these (almost) 4 years i am vaping… though i consider myself with this kinda like a hobbyist than just a guy that simply is trying to get rid of stinkies… i don’t miss them, i don’t smoke anymore… i vape 0mg and 3mg max (i can’t even vape 6mg without my throat burns because of nic) but i enjoy the flavors, i enjoy working with new devices… etc etc… while before you think anything I AM NOT a rich dude… i get payed like 300-400euros per month… while the cheapest eliquid (10ml) in the market costs like 5euros… i started DIYing a little after i started vaping… but even now DIY is the only way to keep vaping… i build my own coils, i make my own juices… but still this i a nice thing… things i like to do for myself! .

i am sure that if you start searching in this forum and site that you will find really great recipes to make you own juices and they will cost you really cheap, much cheaper than buying ready made juice or stinkies…

good luck and have fun m8 :slight_smile: