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Vape Mail 2017!


thats what first came to mind when i read about it , ill wait to see multiple opinions b4 i try it so @Jazzy_girl please let us know ty


what are they ?? the cricket ???


Ya bro nc1 - angry little buggers lol


I’m not sure I’d give a smoker a hybrid or mech mod to start with (and I don’t think he would either)… I would imagine that they would be intended for his vet vaping buddies. :wink:


Exactly mate not a beginner mod in anyway shape or form


my lack of knowledge prevents me , one day ill jump into those types , i really like the geekvape that norseman reviewed


They are an awesome mod - really good entry level mech.


i have to look into A LOT of things i dont even know what a hybrid is lol


Here ya go mate hybrid is when the 510 pin of the topper connects directly to the battery (as in the noisy cricket left) 510 is when there is a pin like the geekvape pro mech (right)


Just checked they are sold out :cry:


I always thought those should have a $60 “You’re gonna blow your fucking face off!” fee attached…


My brother Has been vaping for 2 years and building his own coils for the last year, I was still hesitant on giving a Lotus LE80 variable volt mod with protections, these things are a great little mod but you must know your stuff in and out. I have a few but would never give one away unless I knew for sure that the person receiving it would totally know ohms law, 510’s and battery specs. even if I owned a shop the person would have to be vetted and sign a waiver.


Yeah, I hear you! I think I tend to agree, there almost should be a “vaping license” required for purchasing a hybrid/mech mod (since we have to pass a basic understanding/demonstration of driving to get a driver’s license)

I guess we could consider folks that use purple Efest (and the like) the same as those driving a Chevette or a Pacer. Yeah, they run, but you’ll just never know for sure when (or how) they’re going to blow up. :rofl:


Hey! I have a couple green efest 26650’s!


Those don’t count (yet) and you know it! :stuck_out_tongue: lol


I know that’s why I specified the size.


I find you post highly offensive. Chevettes had one of the most bulletproof engines GM ever made, the 151. They didn’t call it “The Iron Duke” for nothing! Of course it was so long lasting because it didn’t have enough horsepower to kill itself but that’s beside the point. Every one of the old Grumman USPS trucks had an Iron Duke for an engine, many are still on the road today even though they quit making them in 1994.

I wasn’t actually offended


No argument there. I was mainly thinking of everything (ok, any other part) else on the vehicle. ROFLMAO

“Hey bro… I think the rear end just passed us!”


What? No love for the Pacer. Just scratching my h ad one this one. Lol. My family had one for a couple years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Considering that we don’t have any method of doing the same with people that pop out kids like toaster strudels, I highly doubt that this will happen anytime soon.