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Vape Mail 2017!


I’d take a Pacer over a Pinto any day!


Yeah. Fair enough. /sigh
Funny. But sadly true.


Ahhh the Pinto. Ford’s only horse that was stillborn.


Only because they changed the gas tank.


The 2.4 liter engine that they used for some of the models is a damn decent little powerhouse. It’s the shining jewel buried in 500 lbs of abortive smog equipment and Mustang II reject parts! It’s been a staple in the sandrail communities for a while-Most people eventually get frustrated with the aircooled VW motors and swap over to the 2.4.(Comes from too many people trying to turn a 1600 cc motor into a 2140 cc fire-breathing monster)


Oh, how I wish that it weren’t true! Sorry for dooking on your comment.


Finaly after a week and half held by customs, flavor batch finaly arived !!
Thumbs up european mail :roll_eyes:

Thank you @ecigexpress again !!

What made me smile again was the next batch of flavors to try clone 1 particular eliquid, curious how this will turn out :slight_smile: , arived at the same day !


@Brunkezz You’ve got yourself some really great flavors there mate. Congrats on getting customs to give them up !!!


I actualy didn’t but i guess they gotten tired to receive my angry calls i guess.
I need to find a way to make this smoother tough …


you won those flavors? Otherwise i would order in a EU store


I never drove one or worked on one so I’ll defer to your expertise on Pacers.


dropped my old one , holy mother of scales this is huge lol


I bought the same one a couple months ago. Super sensitive! Try this…turn it on, zero it out, then blow on the deck, watch the readout. It’s crazy!


@fidalgo_vapes hehe, I took the bowl off, not sure what you had been using, the LB seems medium sized to me. Sure works good though.


I’m sure it a good scale but the blowing test tell you nothing my 7 dollar or so chinese scale does that.


Not sure what your point is, mine was a joke!


Just saying.

Good scales off which the praise is song every where. And would it be easier to get EU side at US prices i would have gotten one too, at least i would have been sure before hand that it was good and it still has many benefits above my cheap scale. But as it stood when i started and got my scales the where just to expensive this side of the water at least to my tastes.


That drives me nuts. Where I mix there is an air vent blowing on me. I always have to turn the air off to mix :grin:


it was a cheap scale :wink: $28 usd came with a cord and the weights to calibrate


i was usisng an aws its 500grm flat one little square.