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Vape Mail 2017!


Time And Relative Dimension In Space


Hot damn, it’s here!!!

I’m going to be building this in just a bit. Thanks @Whiterose0818 for the killer deal.


@fidalgo_vapes Fast response = a Company that cares IMO.



Fasttech finally came! Longest wait yet. Ordered Oct.4, but it here. Fun time!


Now THIS is what I call vape mail !


I’ve been thinking about doing the same with my beloved Billows. The V2.5 is getting a little harder to find, and it’s seriously my favorite RTA. Maybe if I spread out the purchases the wife won’t notice…


Wifey has forbidden me to tell anyone that she had another birthday so I won’t but somebody got vapebirthdaymail today, it came a day late but What the heck the USPS is unpredictable


It’s here! And so girthy!!!


Those eyes are telling us… Its already installed… :rofl:


The ergonomics on that look really nice from a distance… What’s the mod?


The Tripper hit the mark this time. This is a performing RTA.


I need to stop looking at this thread. All it makes me do is spend money!!! :money_mouth_face:

Molly, i so totaly agree :rofl:


A couple new flavors to try. Thanks again @ecigexpress!


I love it, vape porn but consider it research for when u get in the market for new gear or flavors. You then know who to ask about experiences and or problems.


She just loves her Nebula

So I got her this because of the ergonomic shape. It’s a Centurion.
Besides that now she leaves my married batteries alone! They both take the 26650
@Sprkslfly Best thing I ever did.


Vapey hon, be careful, your eyes are gonna fall out if you open them any wider!!!


it was… just…so…GIRTHY…


Nice @Ryuk Don’t forget to try …

… with that sweet rice. :slight_smile:


That definitely looks awesome! Missing the Flv coconut though. Oh well I’ve bookmarked and added it to the list for the next order. It’s funny My wife and I keep telling each other there’s nothing else we need and then both of us seem to develop amnesia 5 minutes later.