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Vape Mail 2017!


If you bought it new there is suppose to be glass with it. You should contact the retailer and let them know they sold you a defective kit.
Personally, I like the tfv8. That is, when it has the glass


It’s the rba deck for the tfv8 ((I believe the baby beast) that requires a different glass for the tank than the standard glass that the tfv8 comes with, I had the same problem with it originally.


when it has the glass! haha funny!


That whole different glass/RBA deck in the beast is a real pain. I don’t know what your after but if it is taste in an RTA there are a lot of really good RTA’s out right now. Dual coil Ammit. Single coil Ammit 22. Single coil Ammit 25. Kylin. Serpant SMM. Pharoh RDTA. I can vouch for all of these as no nonsense flavor generators. Real build decks not inserts.


I don’t know if that is too true or not… BUT… my 3 tanks I use daily are rba’s, the Griffin 25, the mini and the tfv8 (with the correct glass). While I like the design of the tfv8 cloud beast or whatever they wish to call it,it has the least amount of flavor from any of the tanks I do own and use. But I do like the design of the tank (the refilling of the tank) which is probably the only reason I keep it in my daily rotation.


I’ve got an Azeroth RTA clone coming in the mail, and a Velocity RDA with it, Plus I went ahead and got that 4.99 RDA that was in our advert section coming. . .I don’t even know what it was, . . .Wismec Indie duo :P.

So I got some other stuff coming in, and I still have the TFV12 Cloud Beast King’s dual and Triple coil RBAs to play with, and I do actually like them, I don’t mind RBAs in principle, I had one like,6 or 8 years ago or something until I broke the mod – cause battery protection is rather new and awesome n.n. I DO mind having two kinds of glass for the same tank, it’s too easy to fuck it up – because even if I had gotten the glass with the RBA like I was supposed, 1 is not enough, and I still would have bough the wrong thing as a backup >.> I found a single one for 2.50 USD and e-mailed the site to make 100% sure I was buying the right thing so. . .in a couple more weeks I might finally get to play with this stupid TFV8 but c’mon man, this was just horrific design.

If I hadn’t bought the Smok G150 I would not be putting this effort into the TFV8, I wouldn’t have bought the TFV8 RBA at all and stuck with the TFV12 – here’s the think tho. . .the TFV8 tank has an exact match colour scheme for my G150, and I’m too easily mind-controlled by aesthetics >.<

I plan on getting the Griffin 25 and the Pharoh RDTA later, and I want one of the Sense Blazer tanks eventually – but I have spent plenty of money on stuff just now :P.


I’ve got a Griffin as well that I like with an RBA in it. I still keep RBAs in my beasts. I sill use all of them. All good tanks for sure.


turn the camera…


I need a lamp like the one on the far left of this picture


Home Depot online!!!


Just… WOW :slight_smile:


Just got my Kindbright Reload RTA clone. It’s supposed to be a 1:1 clone but I don’t have an original so I can’t say if it is. What I can say is that I’ve had this thing up and running for 20 mins. and I’m lovin’/diggin’ it! Build and wick was less than 3 mins. Flavor is fantastic (even before the coil/cotton break-in) and assembly is very smooth. And…no leaks!
I got mine here and am going to get more:



I have both the original and the Kindbright clone, and the clone really is 1:1.
Without doubt the best RTA I ever used, flavor is RDA flavor.


That’s really good to know!


I agree with @Lostmarbles, 316L fused claptons are my go to build! Here’s one in my new tank :slight_smile:


Been loving this setup since it came!


Waiting on the silver version showing up myself and if it lives up to the hype, I’ll get the authentic.


Ordered a Wismec Presa on 6/19 from Fasttech.
Arrived at my door in Tennessee on 6/26.
( My package got to see the lovely Island of Tonga on it’s journey. )

A new record for FT to my door.

And it’s a fun little mod.


you’re gonna love it!


Good to hear, I’ve seen the authentic drop a bit in price (£10) to £60 and I’m tempted. :joy:
It’s supposed to be up there for flavour, but I’ll wait and see when my clone gets here.
Hows yours?