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Vape Mail 2017!


Grats Jazzy!


Yay, love the lil bugger :smiley:


Congrats Jazzy. I’d put ss fused claptons in there. Maybe something like 28g*2/40g


Nice win! Enjoy.


send your prize to any one of us and we will make a coil, test it then return with new wicks


Time of return TBA


psst! think she’ll fall for it?


hope not. mail is kinda slow lately and we might not be able to read her return address.:grinning: however, as good natured as we are, and she did, im sure we all would do a good job for her and get her up and vaping within a few days


Manufacturers are pumping out some really nice RTA’s lately. Seems hard to get a bad one. These little gems came today. Wotofo Serpent SMM and Ammit 25 single coil. Both are kicking out some great vapor and top notch flavor. Both have a bit of a restricted airflow in comparison to many. Love the shorty look. Excuse me, gotta get a drink. The flavor is just massive!


I’m still waiting for my Ammit 25 single coil to be shipped. :frowning: Ordered it from 3fvape. They have a good deal on them ($24). Hope it is authentic as they claim it is. I’m on the fence about the Wotofo Serpent SMM though. I have the Serpent Mini 22 and 25, and even though I like both of them, they both are too noisy/whistly for me.


Thats alright ill figure it out :wink:



I’m doing it today. Time to jump in now :). This tank look pretty easy to build on! Easier than the RBA


straight from down under thank you @woftam i bought 6 of the last 10 bottles the company had 2 are spoken for the rest ill hide away


Uh Oh, is that the OLD stuff ??


bangs head on desk Buy the TFV8 RBA, wait a week – it doesn’t come with the glass. Buy a replacement glass, wait a week, it’s the regular freaking glass

Spent 20 USD on a thing I still can’t use? Fuck it, throw it away. This can only get worse.

Note to self – do not buy ANYTHING that has mutually incompatible variants – you will never get it right.


Why did your tfv8 not come with glass?


They came today. Perfect!!! Thanks again! And Molly thanks you too! Yes I named the mod. I’m loosing it. Time for some vape therapy.


yes sir it is


I dunno man, I open it, there’s a spot for glass, there is no glass. I order glass, it’s the wrong glass.

I am done with the TFV8, it’s trash. I’m sure ordering the wrong glass was my fault, but to hell with this, either way I’ve wasted money. I’ll stick with my TFV12 and the 2 RDAs and 1 RTA I’ve ordered, each of which cost less than the (wrong) glass I put down for this damn thing XD. It’s just not worth it man.