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Vape Mail 2017!


Mmmmmm, that sure is a LOT of a delicious Vanilla Ice Cream !!!


I always purchase batteries from www.illumn.com/ never been disappointed or worried about fakes.


It’s like mini-Christmas over here…
Got a new 521 mini tab and Nitecore D4 charger from LV
2 additional Reload RTAs from 3FVape (have 3 total)
2 Joytech Penguins from 101vape

I have to say that the Penguins are a very very happy surprise. For $20, this thing is just fantastic. Easy to fill, holds 8ml of juice, absolutely zero leaks and the 0.25 coil head is full of flavor. The mouthpiece is very comfortable and the draw is great. Small enough to fit into a t-shirt pocket and I think it looks pretty classy. Plenty of video reviews touting how great this little mod is. I highly recommended it!


Just got my 3fvape mail in. Paid extra to have it shipped dhl.

I’m gonna build the smm wotofo today and everything else Saturday.

Hmmm. Odd the hurricane v2 is cut off unless you expand the pic


You’ll love that sherman. Nice. Best flavour rta in my collection. :ok_hand:


I’ve read so much chatter on these things, I tried one. I’m impressed. Considering top airflow, it’s quite the performer. Looks kinda matchy matchy sexy on the mini too. Real quick and dirty ss26 7 wrap 3.5mm spaced coils on temp control and I have to say wow.


From 3fvape, the Reload rta some geek vape coils and driptips for the Reload and my Sherman.

From the Voopoo Drag competition, my VooPoo Drag.
(Which i will review after @Heaven_Gifts decides what there doing with a replacement (510 problem)) :scream:

And this morning I recieved my Digiflavour Siren 22mm.

I’m really impressed with the Reload rta, that is one flavourful rta. So easy to build and wick it’s a doodle.
I like it that much I’ve ordered another two. :wink:


Draaaaaag. Sorry to hear about the fail.
Nice green though!


Gutted about that being broken. The 510 connection is absolutely solid. It will not move at all.
It’s like it’s bottomed out and theres no spring to push back up, so it won’t make a connection to the bottom of the atty.
great mod and a solid bit of kit, love the greem myself, but if it don’t work then it’s just a paper weight. :worried:


Happy you like the Reload! Sorry you didn’t buy three of them at once, yeah? I did the same thing LOL


Let us know what you think of the Siren. I have two and a third on the way. Best RTA that I have owned.


From the wonderful @MisterSinner!


Very nice!


Yes i am. Should of ordered 3 asap if I’d only known. :wink:
I’ve ordered the gold and the black so I’ll have all 3 colours available.
I have found the drip tip a bit short that’s why I ordered the bigger drip tips.
These are really comfortable to use :- http://www.3fvape.com/drip-tip/15101-replacement-drip-tip-for-goon-kennedy-smok-tfv8-tfv12-battle-rda-brown-pei-12mm.html?search_query=15101&results=1#.WWEu7oXTXYU


Will do once i get her up and running. :+1:


Oh the love I have for @BullCityFlavors

Ordered late in the day on July 4th
Delivered today to little 'ol vancouver wa…5mins from Portland Oregon.

The other order I had to place on the same day due to some out of stock items may be here Monday or Tuesday. However, if this other company didn’t delay packaging up my order it would have been here today and I could have mixed…oh so sad.

I can’t say thanks enough for quick shipping from across the county compared to west coast companies.

It was odd that the box smelled like cigarette smoke. Like when you smile half a cig and stick it back in the package. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The flavor I’m most excited to try will be quince tpa. Smelled delightful. In my continued hunt for a very very specific orange vape I go lt some new ones in and coming (shisha inw, tangerine flv, dream bar fw, and acouple others…uggg)

I also broke down in buying polar blast FA in attempt to replace koolada…since I can taste the koolada note. Also got some cap super sweet to add in for the very last step for my orange vapes…stevia doesn’t work so I gotta try 1 drop per 30 and 60 ml…or as little as possible by diluting it in half.

Pics for fun…


I see you got the frosting… it is the bomb! I really believe it’s the next sweetener for several applications. I’ve been working with it for a few months now and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s great with dessert mixes and really good at low % for a fruit sweetener. It’s different from pyure and fills that niche when you want a softer sweetener. It’s like wet powdered sugar. If you’ve had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, it’s the icing on those… spot on!


Your the reason for the frosting flv order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My other order coming in next week will have a bunch of flv flavors…cookie dough, tangerine, honey bee, and a few others and back stock of flv mango…love their mango. And kiwi flv…fingers crossed on a good kiwi.


These two are on my list for my next flv order.

I have it and I haven’t found the sweet spot yet. I’m kinda hung up the euroflavor yellow mango. I need to give it another go.


Yep. Same here! Lol
Got my FLV Frosting in several days ago (along with butterscotch, fried dough, apple filling, and peanut butter).

Found out that their Butterscotch has been the missing link for a clone, and then mixed up what seems to be a very promising apple pie base using FA Fuji, FLV fried dough, and FLV apple filling!! I’m so excited by the sniff test on that one that I can’t wait… I’ll be dipping into it at the usual 7, 14, 21 day marks. And even though I did a 30ml test batch, I already am nervous about whether or not it’ll make it to the 30 day test mark. o0

Still have FLV cookie dough along with several others on the want list…