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Vape Mail 2017!


Nicotine river has it in stock. I took advantage of their recent coupon as well which was nice for that order. I ended up ordering 3 bottles of it. I hope I love it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Appreciate the kind thought and info… But it’s not sourcing or discount codes that’s presenting the problem… Lol


I know that pain. Grrrr. There are like 4 other things I would like but keep blowing my vape budget on flavors.


Same. Everything I can muster goes towards flavors.

Haven’t spent a dime on hardware since finding the theorem.

As much as I’d like a new mod, I figure it’s more prudent to feed the mixing habit first and foremost until things get to a much more fluid state where the finances are concerned. Lol


Figured I’d make a controversial post lol. Still love that stuff, but @AZViking and I are on a special project with it.


First time buyer @Nicotine_River packaging was great, shipping was fast, can’t wait to try the NIC. Almost clear, smelled pretty clean as I was breaking it up. Also picked up some Pirilium (fist time), some of my regulars, and a few NR flavors.


nice i think you will enjoy their Nicotine i couldnt tell the difference between NN and NicSelect hope it works out for you


Nice order, looks like you’ll be set for few weeks. :wink:
I get 99.99% of my ingredients from Nic Riv.


So far it’s looking like I can get the same quality I was getting before, much faster, and cheaper to boot. Still checking things out, but not looking to shabby.


It’s all I use and I love it!


Haven’t posted in a while been pretty busy with work stuff - i got some new toys but no time to play with them until tomorrow (don’t ya hate that)

Anyhoo new overhead mixer and a 3000g scale (.00 accurate)

A few new flav (the RF arrived last week)


What brand and model is the scale? Looks like a nice unit!


damn bro you mix the much volume for that mixer to be used ??? i mixed 900ml for some guys up in alaska and it was a pain in the ass lol


OMG, how did you get that Vanilla !!! ??? I’m still waiting, and it’s getting harder !!!


LOL @fidalgo_vapes I begrudgingly do 120’s…


ya thats me as well


Hehe, I mean I DO them, but after like 5 (if you have to mix more), it’s like, blehhhh, “Time to mix da juice”. 10ml’s make me happy hehe.


Picked up two Lavabox M’s during Volcano’s Independence Day sale. They were marked down to $45.99 from $79.99, but I had a 30% off coupon bringing it down to $32 and some change, so two DNA75 mods for about 80% of the original price of one. And that’s the price shipped!

Pic is my original Lavabox M in the middle with the new ones on each side. My Siren to put on top of the one without any atty will arrive Friday, but I’ll be gone so won’t have it in my hands until Sunday or Monday. I’ve finally found the setup for me, so I’ll have a backup to my backup.


Congrats on achieving the single biggest obstacle in hardware!

Now on to the same battle in flavors… LMAO
May your pockets be deep, your patience be deeper, and bottles be plenty!!


That’s a KILLER price on the M! I picked mine up from Vapor Beast when they had it on sale for about $40 earlier this year and also picked up a HCigar VT75 from VaporWorld for the same price. I prefer the feel of the VT75 in the hand and really like the fact that it takes larger atomizers with no overhang. The M is SO much easier to swap batteries though and being a little smaller than the VT75 makes it a little easier to pocket when I’m out and about. All in all, I’m really happy with both. Congratulation on getting your gear game set!