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Vape Mail 2017!


This is true, I wish I would have gotten more, but it was hard enough to talk the wife unit into that!


Well, they’ve made it stateside. Got my second wicking in it. First one was a flood fest. 2x28+32 SS, 4mm ID, ~.5Ω. Bright on point flavor not as intense as the Ammit 25 single. A lot, again A LOT of airflow. Like zero resistance. Competes well with a number of dual coil attys I have for fog. Wicks well but takes a few seconds to replenish the 4mm wad. It’s a keeper.


This is one of those instances where you really wonder “what were they thinking??” when they named it?!

I simply can’t see that name without thinking gonad. And as a result, I’d expect jokes such as: “Hey! Here comes another gonad with a Govad!” or some such.


No doubt. They have to be running short on names. Got me a Govad on my VooPoo. Talk about hangin how! Wotofo can we expect next?


Hmm. DRAGin’ yer 'nad eh?
That’s a $50 fine in some states!


Voopoo’ing ing public is another fine. Lol.


Imrbatteries.com if you’re in the states. I’ve only ever received authentic batts from them. One of the few trusted vendors for batteries!


FYI, www.imrbatteries.com and www.orbtronic.com are also great vendors for quality cells at decent prices. I typically check with illumn and the other two to see who has the best prices on what I’m looking for and if they’ve got the items in stock. Usually, one of the three has a sale/price reduction on what I’m after. If they don’t and all of the prices are the same, I go with illumn, as they’re only a few hours down the road from me and the shipping is quick.


They just keep pullin’ me in. Topping off some FLV flavs, a few CAP’s, and a boatload of some Perilums. And of course to round it all out, got the fabled FA Black Fire, and, … a beaker lol…


Nice, I’m glad you like it. I use a 7 to 9 wrap 3mm ID 26/36 SS316L clapton that comes to a resistance of about 0.6-0.7 ohms myself. I agree it needs a smaller hole for an good MTL vape, but in PBusardo’s review video he said you can still accomplish a nice MTL vape by closing the smallest hole about halfway. I like a nicely restricted DTL so I usually have the smallest hole fully open anyway.


That’s how I’ve ended up using mine with the last hole half way open. Nice mtl vape i find.
It still won’t replace my kayfun’s though. :wink:


Just got this today from efun decided to give them a shot and they came through lol


Very nice!


Thx @Cutlass92 just a bit disappointed due to the fact its missing the bottom magnets lol so there’s that! Must’ve been a manufacturing error! Anyone know where to get some very tiny thin bar magnets lol been hunting the net but to no avail!


That sucks! I’m sure if you let them know they will fix it.


Ya but dang all the way from China I can try though! Don’t know if it’s worth the effort I’ll see what I can track down locally!





If they are small, Harbor freight has small neodymium magnets they sell in 10 packs for like $3.


Thx guys I’ll check it out they are thin rectangular bars! I’ll check links above! Thx