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Vape Mail 2017!


very mech. inclined, took it apart and could not find any user friendly parts to change .


Thank brother. Glad you like it, might just have to invest. :wink::+1:


I got most of my 4th of July sales items in. I’m still missing my Hcigar VT250 from FT, 3 set of LG Batteries and a 5TB Hard Drive. Also not shown is 2 liters of nic and 5 gallons of PG/VG. Thank god I only have this type of order once or twice a year.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I got my RTSVapes order in today… YAY!


You get your batts from FT? I had heard that batts don’t make am through customs. Not sure when and where I heard, maybe ECF.


Most of the time I get my batteries from Illum. I did the LGs from IMR. I ordered 8 Sonys from Gearbest once and 3 of the 8 fail in no time. I know at some point batteries will fail, but my used Efest outlasted those. Now I try to stick with what works.


I get most of mine from Illumn also unless someone is running a special. I just saw FT and batteries and was wondering. I’ve always avoided ordering batteries from FT and other companies like them.


Now that you mention this, my batteries from Gearbest were shipped loose in a single bag. Crazy right?


Very. That’s why I like places like Illumn that if you order In pairs you get a free case and the box they ship them in is tight.


Ok so I finally sat down long enough to snap a pic of my Whiterose prize that came yesterday. It’s lovely and I think my other two mods are jealous. WR threw in a Boreas RTA as well and a couple of the ELR bands. TYSM @Whiterose0818 for the awesome mods you make. I’m sure I’ll be ordering another in the near future. :kissing_heart:
I’m posting the pic of the other colors he has available.


The blue one is no longer available. At least not that one :grin:


You’re gonna looove it! Enjoy.


Received my other Reload rta, i actually thought i’d bought two {black and gold}, and another 2x 810 ultem tip’s along with some 510 protectors


Nice looking tank! I’ve been wanting something gold for a while now, every freaking thing I have is black and/or ss. Lol


Then this is the one you want.:wink:
so easy to build and wick, flavour’s great too.


Ooooh yes!


You may want to get a cpl of these too. alot more comfortable than the originals imo


My rts order

Unfortunately I won’t be home to use them for a few days, as my unit is in the field. :cry:


So jealous!!
What a beautiful lineup!


I’m sure you have lots more flavors than I do, I have only been at it a little while. Just trying to build my flavor stash on a budget!


Lol. Mine’s a bit sparse in the FA dept. though. I would have liked to have ordered more, but since I waited the extra day or two to see what my normal vendors were doing, Randy decided to pull a number of FA flavorings off of the 'active list" where the 50% off code was being applied. So I lost out on another 8-10 flavors that I would have liked.

Still happy to have gotten what I did though! “Some deal” is always better than no deal! Lol
Like you, mine’s been built on a very limited budget, and even had additions through kindness here! :blush: