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Vape Mail 2018


I may have to talk the wife into something! Definitely interested in all of your thoughts on it once you’ve had some time with it.


Yeah, I’m planing on doing a full review if people want but I definitely need more time with it. These things are pricey but I got this at a good price. Guy claimed the motor didn’t run. It didn’t…had a loose wire LOL.


That’s awesome! I love when stuff works out like that!


Don’t ya just love those labels that say no user serviceable parts inside? I sure as hell do. Took about 10 minutes to take apart, fix, and put it back together. :rofl:


People want. Trust me. People want!!!


Awesome haul @faithsanchez!!
Looks like you did a good bit of planning, and had a good time shopping to boot! :wink:


That’s gorgeous @Rob62!


I like it when they put a screw under that label. I always ignore those labels, but then again I’ve been taking stuff apart since I was 5, they didn’t go back together so well at first :rofl: but I eventually got the hang of it!


Absolutely. It’s been a long time coming. I’m really excited.


They are the 4ml drams from tpa. The pipettes were really cheap so I just got some just in case I needed them.


Bottles are good and the Ginger Vaper bottles also fit good

And it WILL vape at .1 ohm I checked

Go for it @Big_Benny_MI I think you will like it :smiley:

No leaks and it Squonks good. I use a 510 refill bottle so I don’t have to keep taking the squonk bottle out.


Thank’s it is cool I may have to get another :smiley:


Vapemail today as well woho <3 gbox is awesome


Got this 30mm RDA last week. Waiting for a little something spesh to put it on.


Got my latest haul in. Getting ready to mix a bit this weekend.


We’ll pray for your mixing success. Wait, you have that covered already…


That is why my mixes are so damn good. Blessed all around.


Your not vaping enough :laughing:


You got the new labels!


No more pretty pictures… :cry: