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Vape Mail 2018


That’s ok we can read what they are now. Yes losing the pictures sucks but what we gain is better.


Yeah yeah yeah, clarity blah blah blah… :laughing:


Yup, another Revenger. I am impressed with this mod. Great in my hand. TC that rivals Yihi and DNA. Sleek, understated aesthetic. 350 puffs on a set of batteries @ 400°F, .4Ω build. This one is a contender.


That’s actually a very smart looking setup!
May have to actually look I into that.

Does that have a “silicone sleeve” option by chance?

I HATE that that trend fell off. I absolutely LOVE the feel, fit, and protection that silicone provides. It ought to be mandatory to include one IMO.

One came with my Sigelei Spark 90, and I bought one for my Cuboid 150w (which desperately needed it when the crap paint went to hell)…


Just took a peek on google and there are a ton of sleeves out there for it. That’s a damn good idea. Think I will. It’s a good enough mod to keep nice.



Mmmm :yum: Good flavors!


Found my happy toy…

Vandy vape pyro tip off my dead rabbit. Dident like rda’s too much work rta’s leak cause am bad at wicking this I just tilt and pull.


As long as you find what works for you and keeps you off the cigs then no one can judge. That set up looks good.


Direct from a Slayer mosh pit floor, I have some work ahead of me and love it thks man! Thks @robin for helping to straighten out his lil mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




@worm1 Wait a minute, you mean a mosh pit, finders keepers ??


Speaking of…

@VapeyMama, how’s that Boreas working out for you? Love it? Meh it? PIF item?


:flushed: Man! There’s another reason to be in the pit if I ever saw one! LMAO

Free vape gear? (as Skullblade789 said…) Oh HELL yeah! \m/


Elr member pif’d since he knew i’d love it and told me how he beat the crap out of it, wants me to do the same.i’d like to respect his wishes but may be cleaning her up too much…


I really like the vape I get from it, still trying to get the wicking down though. Got lucky right away for the first few wicks but then somehow lost my touch! :astonished:


OMG I’m so excited that I got the old style labels!!!

PICTURES!! :heart_eyes:

(Side note… its normal for cold AP to be chunky…right?)


Not in my experience.


Uh oh… I’m gonna go look at it and see if it’s still chunky now that its been inside.

Edit: looks mostly normal now… I’m guessing it just crystallized in the cold…? There are a couple little pieces in it still but it’s much clearer. Weird.


Mine always is. Just warm n shake vigorously! Is that a big bottle of ry4 hs on the right? Nice flavors!!