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Vape Mail 2018


me too, hadn’t got to that one, still trying to tame the Lime down !!! :grin:


I’ve been eyeballing some of those. Where did you get it?


It’s a looker isn’t it. Interesting device.


This is what happens when you go on a self imposed no more flavors purchases. Then you start collecting other stuff :frowning:


Been there, got a t-shirt and did it again. I’ve sworn off buying some stuff temporarily and making up for it by spending it elsewhere in Vapeland.


I got it on Amazon. Ots so perfect that I ordered a second one!!


nunchaku please let me know what you think pleeeaase ty


@MysticRose me too!! I almost pulled the trigger on that one too. Keep us updated on that


When you do it , You do it right !!! Now I want one !!! :grinning:


Man these DIYFS flavors smell good.


I still have DIYFS Angel Food Cake to try (thanks to one of a few very cool friends here!), and I can’t wait!!!

Just got done sampling FLV Pound Cake in the last batch of SFT’s, and that’s the first cake flavor I’ve tried that actually impressed me! (I know PV will remember my rant… chuckles)

After trying so many of the popular ones, and watching them fall flat on their face (along with my hopes/expectations), it’s nice to have some faith restored. Am hoping for another home run with the DIYFS AFC!

Hope you enjoy your new additions as well, and I’ll be actively keeping an eye out for your thoughts!


What’s the odd ball looking one in the middle?


DIYFS Metro Man


if your in the UK i recommend Fogstar UK
Use code


Okay technically it didn’t come in the mail. But the coupon I used to get it for free did !!

Been trying to figure out a way to store my magnetic stir bars… rack on amazon is $45…

Was at harbor freight today to get a battery charger and saw these on sale for $1.99… but loooked at my catalog and saw it was a free item coupon…

So figure free what the heck. Won’t cost me anything to try…

Very pleased with result…

Bar is hidden very nicely behind trim on the desk… and even holds the weights for calibrating the scales…


VERY smart idea @tartarusspawn


Figured I’d share it, know there’s other mag mixers out there . Some possibly trying to figure out a better way to store the stir bars other than in a bowl or drawer.

I was using the bowl that come with the scale



Vaperstek order arrived today
Some new german flavors and SC to try
Sweetsop smells lovely
Vanilla pudding #getyousome


Vandyvape Triple RTA!