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Vape Mail 2018


Please let me know how you like them. I’m extremely hesitant buying the German flavors due to mixed opinions, i read somewhere, mostly bad lol

Guess I don’t trust my own people? :rofl:


Im not sure where you read bad reviews… Many of the fruit flavors are extremely strong so overflavoring could have easily been an issue. Example maracuja (passionfruit) i only need 0.25% anything higher and blehh same goes for rhubarb, pineapple, blackberry(skip this one similiar to FAs version) Their bakery/dessert flavors are all very good as well though standard 3-5% s are usually required. I can recommend: vanilla pudding 4-5%
Toffee (sahne bonbon) 0.5-1.0%
Cookie 2-3%
Vanilla crescents 4%
Yoghurt (quark) 4-5%
Rhubarb 0.25%
I spoke about my experience with german flavors on the “obscure brands” thread if that helps…


Very nice @SessionDrummer


Even tough its a bit smaller then the baby beast, it still kicks serious ass when it comes to flavor & cloud production, i still use this baby @ work, very easy & quite solid.


Week holiday @ Germany and picked up my brand new Athena kit.
Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the discount coupon!


Also picked up this baby @ a local shop.
Kensei RTA
Did not know it yet, kicks ass!
Only minor is the condensation that forms bellow the tank from time to time…


I need some baby beasts, they are the small ones: Measuring 22mm in diameter.
I got the TFV8 X-Baby Sub-Ohm Tank it has the TAF and is 24.5mm Diameter:
It wicks pretty good, has great flavor with the TAF and no leaking issues, but is too big for on my JT Evic VTC Mini :slight_smile:


In terms of flavor can you compare it to anything?

Three that I like the flavor on are the Ammit 25 Single, Kylin mini, and Centaur followed by the Cruis II and the Pharaoh mini.


Well i probably have alot less knowledge than some due that i do not have a wide assortiment of tanks/drippers.

If i would compare it to something i would say dead rabbit at this moment.
Ofcource this is not a dripper but in case of flavor it comes close due to the big build deck => you can place your coils the same way.
Difference is that the air flow comes from bottom instead of top.


No worries. Not concerned about build deck, design, airflow, etc. If you say it compares in flavor to the dead rabbit, that is quite the testimony. Sounds like a damn good flavorful atty. Been wondering about that atty. Not a lot of hype about it which often means it doesn’t need the hype to sell. The Centaur is like that. Damn good flavor but not a lot of hype or exposure.


I have 4 kensei’s as well as 2 kylin Mini’s

The kensei allegedly was claimed to be the “best” dual coil RTA of 2017.

I could care less about that title tho, but here’s what I think if that matters.
Yes the flavor is amazing and to the time I got it, I didn’t have many flavorful rta’s. My favorite prior was the Aromamizer v1. Retired it for the kensei because it was so much better and well honeycomb airflow! Had to have it.

As I got the kylin mini I retired my kensei’s because first of all its single coil, easier on my battery and I can vape “lower” watts or temp, but the flavor was much better in comparison to the kensei.

I don’t have the ammit too compare it. So my thing is this, if I want dual coil and great flavor I take my kensei. If I want single coil and amazing flavor I grab the kylin mini.

They are damn close to each other so (flavorwise) but the kylin mini for me brings out more high notes, while the kensei hits more the middle and back notes. Sure its coil dependent but I’m sure it makes sense to somebody lol

Hope that helps?


Absolutely. I can relate very well to what you are experiencing. Thanks!


I share a lot of your preferences. I prefer either TC or Replay and of course they need TC compatible coils. That means low resistance in a two coil atty and poor battery life both in terms of changing them out often but also in terms of lifespan. At home I will sometimes break out a dual coil but usually it’s a single.


Crap, now you guys are making me want to try a kensei now.



If you want a US vendor, might also be cheaper, maybe?


Received the GeekVape Ammit 22mm RTA this morning.
Put in a normal 3mm coil at .55 ohm.

Going with a 70/30 RY4 blend and it’s doing the job nicely.
Read about the glass being too close to the chimney.
So far, not having any problems.
Nice air bubble and releases just fine.

Good addition to my DL atties.


My experience with ammit, if i filled it with high vg juice (80:20 or higher), the bubble will be trapped and very hard to move/pop, and will block the juice in to the juice hole. With 60:40 or even 70:30 it’s still good.


Me too. Not the movement lol i mean i want the kensei now too :smiley:


Well my Basic RDA from FT hit Chicago on 4/16 with tracking showing it processed through the ISC facility and now nothing. It was projected to be delivered by the 21st but tracking is showing Chicago as the last stop and now no projected delivery. I’ve ordered plenty of stuff from FT and when it hits Chicago it usually takes 2 to 3 days for it to hit Detroit and then another day to Toledo.

Could my package have landed in customs inspection? Never had one take that long. Possibly lost since no tracking activity for over a week now?