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Vape Mail 2018


My last two orders from FT were made on 3/23 and 4/12.
They both arrived yesterday, 4/23.

Mostly I order from them for things I’d like to try, but don’t need
right away.
Slow, but they always arrive.

As most people say, ‘order and forget about it…’


Always upgrade the shipping from FT for quicker shipments, but hey back on track…
Latest MOD kit from Joyetech!
I’m excited about reviewing this one, its a dual 21700 with way cool lights!

I’m currently checking the battery duration, I already know this thing hits like a freight train!
The tank uses the ProC coils, and they released a mesh coil with it which I am also testing!

This is one beautiful MOD
ESPION Infinite with ProCore Conquer


Got my Geek Vape Zeus dual rta! What’s cool about it, is it can also be a single coil. I also want to add there’s a bubble tank available for it too!
This is my 1st time trying a dual coil and WOW!! the flavor is outstanding!!


Geek Vape is a good brand, you’ll have to let us know how the single coiling works out. I’m interested in a good single coil simple RDA or RTA.
I got a second SMOK device to go with my X-Baby…

lookie @Brunkezz this is the X-Baby’s little brother


Got my new toy today, Boxer BF DNA 250c and the Kali RDA a couple of weeks ago.
What’s not to love, dual 20700 squonker, Replay mode is better than I first thought it was, although I’m not usually a big fan of SS coils, I prefer N80, and I never usually use TC.
The Kali RDA is really good too, one of the best I ever used.
The mod is really comfortable to hold and use, I was worried it would be very big, but it’s not much bigger than any of the 3x18650 mods, very light, I’m a happy boy today!


Is this a Topairflow only RTA? What are your thoughts on the flavor with the Zues… ?


Yes its a top flow. Well this is my first dual coil tank so I’m not sure how it measures up to other duals. I have the siren 2 and a digiflavor single coil which are great for taste. They don’t even come close to how great this one is!!! It was really easy to set up, has a postless deck and wicking was super easy!! It really hits nice and the flavor is the best I’ve had out of all my vaping experiences!!! By far :point_up:


Looks very neat :drooling_face:



So jealous! I want one but damn that price is too rich for my blood.


Yeh, too be honest there’s no real justification for that price, but I couldn’t control myself.
I’m definitely a vape mail junky!:grinning:


I know the feeling.

I have vape mail waiting for me at home!


Got this on amazon for my single flavor tests.
Here’s the link


Finally new wire


A man after my own heart. 24g ss316l round wire.


You need to move it up a bit on the wall, its touching the carpet… :thinking:


Hehe :smirk:


Apple Snacks! CAP
@fidalgo_vapes :stuck_out_tongue: lol


That’s a pretty good idea! I’ve been using homogenizer and the mouth of those are just about right for the probe. I think you just spent my money…


Mmmmmm, @mixologist13 I’ve never tried that, what is that profile ?


Nice please let me know ur thoughts PLEASE

where did you buy from