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Vape Mail 2018


May i ask where you got it? I tried to find dans post but failed.


you can get them direct from Envii I think Ken


I clicked on the link and somehow I accidentally ordered one. Came out to $38.30 with tax and standard shipping. Gives their address as Nevada so guessing it ships from there.


Yeah I priced another one up when the price fell, wanted a black one, but shipping to the UK was more than the mod…soo…I left it lol


Yes thats it, @Steampugs,

@Jim22, Henderson, NV.



I don’t quite understand it myself, I think its an alien abduction thing. I’ll be browsing vape gear, then the next thing I know I’m looking at an order confirmation.


I am so jelly. It will be one of my biggest regrets in life.


@Dan_the_Man, that means you did’nt get one, OhNo, me thought you was getting one


I accidently ordered one too :alien::flying_saucer::alien:


I didn’t realize you could ask for samples LOL.


Restocking and a few new ones from BCF, hmm,… don’t know how that Loch Ness got in there, that monster!!!


It was my birthday yesterday and I told my husband I didn’t needed/wanted anything. So he took it upon himself to find something, here’s the result : (best mail Eva!)

Am I allowed to join the big bois league now? If not fine, still going to love my replay! Lol


Yup, You have arrived!!!


@eStorm @SmilingOgre I’ll vote for that.


I’m so outa here !!!,Not…but jealous as hell!!!
very nice 1st class @eStorm


I just accidentally ordered three :crazy_face: one for me one for the wife and an extra for $30 just to have just in case


A lot of alien abductions and accidental orders going on here. Someone should investigate!


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What do you mean an extra? That’s mine silly! Don’t you remember ?


Calling them right now…