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Vape Mail 2018


I absolutely love it!!! My favorite mod so far!! From Freedom Smokes for 45 bucks! It got here fast :grin: it vapes amazinly. Thanks @MysticRose





I’m glad you like it. It’s my favorite too. Heavy isn’t it :slight_smile:


Yes i was surprised at the weight of it! I wouldn’t mind having a couple more of them down the road :slight_smile:


Well, got these today.
The Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit (contest giveaway from @andycolins @ eFun.top)
and the freebie flavors from RF (I got 4 of the french toast !)

The Feedlink Revvo is a nice little kit. The squonk is awesome (why didn’t I do this sooner), the atty is OK (for me) clouds are good, but the flavor seems a bit lacking.
Ran it with a Samsung 25R, but a little orange/red light was blinking on the front edge of the fire button. Replaced it with a Sony VTC6, and it glows blue.
The mod is built well, really like the bumps on the side panels, and the anodized blue color is stunning. The squonk bottle is a really soft silicone and feeds into the tank. You have to tip the mod to wet the “cotton” under the coil.
It’s nice. Now to search for other Squonk attys.


Free samples arrived today . Opened the bag and all I could smell was French toast.


I missed out on the Griffin 25 back in 2016, cause i bought the Sense Herkales, I bought this jewel at a vape shop in beufort county, n.c. , they had 1/2 off sale plus senior citizen 10% discount, walked out paying 22$ plus drip tip, had it for 2 days and loving it, wicks like the OBS crius dual, I will say geek vape builds a very solid RTA. very heavy where it needs to be.


the Griffin is a very nice tank…its all about wicking with her…once u get it down she is a pleasure to vape on…I biufght one awhile ago…then liked it so much i grabbed another…I hope u enjoy it as much as I do…Enjoy


Gorgeous tip!


it is beautiful, young girl, felt sorry for me or maybe liked me ( wife won’t with me , sheee ) I going to put frost tank on it with blue o-rings, i think she will be matche matche with the loch ness !!


You a big fan of tips? :sunglasses:


:laughing: In a manner of speaking (only vape-related in this case). =P

Honestly though, very much so! Only not many make good 510 Friction-fit tips anymore. =(
And that’s my tip of choice (because of the huge inside diameter, with no taper screwing up, or limiting the airflow…)

I don’t even GET the option for all the “cool guy” resin/ultem/etc tips that others do! So yes, you could say I have “tip envy” from time to time! LMAO


Love me wide bore 510 on tanks but wider on rdas but what kills me is most 810 are so thick walled that wth is the point anyway, right? I found a few nice wide 510s that came w/ tanks but u cant buy them separately,wth. My fav 510 being this gem if u dont mind metal http://www.3fvape.com/drip-tip/17672-coppervape-replacement-510-drip-tip-for-taifun-gt-ii-air-tank-atomizer-silver-316-stainless-steel-18mm.html?search_query=taifun&results=35#.WwntkNQrLn4
and jebusus noticing only 99 cents, no wonder they sold out i paid 3 bucks, FT has them too. Happy holiday!


Don’t mind metal, and that’s a nice price no doubt! But not a Friction-fit, and the taper on that is huuuuuge! lol

A kind thought though! :thumbsup:


@Sprkslfly, try these


ooooooh, look at those tips


That’s what she said :joy:


Those are pretty


Sold one Nessie at cost with a tfv4 at cost and ordered two more as back ups lol :joy: $30 is a bargain for that mod err lerv ert