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Vape Mail 2018


ooh, I see pandoro, that a good one, one that no one gets but my own recipes, and not easily found here.


last monday sourcemore.com sent this indestructible Beast, the Aegis Legend MOD
Watch for my review…
But we are really liking it :smile:


Drop test drop test !!!



OK, so not vape mail, but @R113 sent me the absolute coolest frigging thing ever. Ever! How he painted this to be just fantastically gorgeous is beyond me, but I love it!

It’s taken a while to get an appropriate picture that details the paint job on it, which is a purple, glittery finish. I had to have a little bit of sunlight, but not enough to glare too much. The pictures don’t even do it justice, it is brilliant in hand. :blush:


@Silhouette Is that a KING SIZED BEDAZZLED BEER MUG !!! ???


We can drop it…

After the swim in beer cup test :smile:

Is it 1m deep?


It’s a Stainless Steel Tumbler, it stays hot all morning.


OooOOOooo!! nice work Russ!! :thumbsup: :sunglasses:


PM me if anyone wants a tumbler. Insulated tumbler prices are good right now plus that finish should last a lifetime


My “whopping shopping spree” rofl
I had $24 to spend, and I think it came to like $23.84 or some such.

But thanks again BCV for the Memorial Day sale!

The three on the left are restocks.
Three new testers from VT, and one from TFA.
And a damnit! I forgot that I didn’t want to buy FW Chocolate Mint ever again (either that or mine had gone bad before I got to try it…so we’ll see! lol) But that’s what I get for not checking my ELR flavor notes, and my ELR shopping list before clicking add to cart.

@Lolly looking forward to trying the Honeycomb!!

Also, looking forward to trying the TFA PB, since I’ve already tried the Cap PB (too sweet) and the FLV PB (raw peanuts more than PB).

The Chocolate Mousse VT reviews said it was on par with Ina’s Choc. Cream IIRC, as well as the fact that it was just good!

And then the Boysenberry VT is just a continuation of the ongoing hunt for a decent all-around boysenberry (at my preferred power). FLV’s is very nice, but is missing body, and also needs higher power before it really starts to shine. And the other’s I’ve tried just… “not so much” overall.


Its not but I do like it a lot, definatly better kind of chocolate, still not chocolate tho lol. Needs a bit of a steep tho. Let us know how you like it :wink:

Honeycomb is amazing if you don’t fall in the trap and assume its honey :wink:


No chance of my mistaking it! I had to ask beforehand about whether it was a “cereal” profile or… before! lol (hence my tagging Lolly who spoke pretty highly of it!)

I have a local company that hand makes chocolates, and they have a similar concoction to what she decribed, although, it’s molasses based. So if nothing else, it should be a great candidate for bending into a recipe for that! :wink: -I’m excited about trying it, though the finger test from the bottle leads me to believe these aren’t going to be ultra strong or anything, I’m hoping that they’ll at least be useful in the 4% to 6% range!



I couldnt use it w/o a touch .25% saline found it too dry


Good to know! TY!


@Sprkslfly I like how you shop, and what you shop for.


wonder how long he worked on trying to spend the 16 cents


actually… I had it to $24 EXACT on the second try TYVM! lmao

But…I kept swapping flavors out thinking I want this… and this… but NEED that… and that… and… on and on it went. Til I finally said, ENOUGH! =x

Dont believe me??

sad huh. :rofl:


I like when u have the max to hit and attempt to get really close but adding 2 cents increase the ship’n and puts u over


Silly games we play but makes shopping more fun


I got my @LiquidBarn order today.

Shipping was pretty fast considering it was a holiday weekend order. Everything inside was packaged well and no leaks. Only thing missing were spout caps for flavoring and nic. Maybe I should have asked? Also wished the box had orientation arrows.

Overall experience so far is good enough to prompt future orders.