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Vape Mail 2018


Dual. Only dual…


Only 1 piece of VM today but it was a good one!


That’s freakin’ GORGEOUS-You must be a very proud parent!


Yes indeed…lol

Fasttech has them for about $93 with code MAP right now, random color but when I first saw these all the colors looked really nice. Janky 510 on mine, sometimes have to wiggle the 510 to get it to pop up with a toothpick but for the price it is worth the trouble.


I won this Aegis Legend mod in a recent giveaway run by @Ema and the good folks over at Sourcemore


Custard oh custard and some biscuit… mmmmmm custards and biscuits…


Now thats damn pretty, I love copper and the wood, them 2 combined make a beautiful mod !!!, i want to get one bad, but Im getting ready to find sale on DNA 250C


my memorial day sale from NR, I got a couple days ago, got some nicselect , pg, vg, and some flavors I will use alot and some I don’t know what to do with !!!


Here is something to curb that crave. Use coupon code BLAZED10 to get the Paranormal 250C PSO edition for only $135 shipped, best price I could find.

Or you could get the Think Vape Finder DNA250C for $110, cheaper if you use the app: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-Think-Vape-Finder-250C-300W-TC-Box-MOD-with-DNA-250C-Chip-Max-300W-Output/32881271375.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.4c1724a106aCcD&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10130_5722815_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10546_10340_5722915_10548_10341_10545_5722615_10696_10084_10083_10618_10307_5722715_10059_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_5722515_10621_10620,searchweb201603_25,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=f6775766-331a-462e-9954-24b450c67379-0&algo_pvid=f6775766-331a-462e-9954-24b450c67379&transAbTest=ae803_1&priceBeautifyAB=0


Super Great, going to do blazedvape, wonder if any father day sales are going on, but I don’t think I will get it no cheaper than that


@mjag, oh shit I meant to say Replay 250c, I think thats what its called
and I just remembered the replay has to be DL from the app. and from what DJLS said there is international and USA app options


Blew my vape fund last month-Being broke sucks, yo.


So did I but I won’t get that CC bill until next month, funny how my thinking always justifies more vape mail :grin:


Just download the International version of escribe but I think replay comes standard on the DNA250C, you just need the International version for the DNA75C


The only difference to the limited edition posted above, are the panels. Otherwise it functions just like the regular paranormal 250c and that one you can take out of the box and use all features including replay.

No need to install anything, even tho I use the U.S. Edition on mine, but only because I like anything software and theme related lol

But it’s not mandatory, it works right out the box.


thanks @eStorm, love the plug and play type, can’t wait to get it, this will be my last one !! hmm I said that when I got the Therion !! :wink:


Thanks @mjag. It’s cooking now !!!


@mjag, thanks man, me and @SessionDrummer will have matchy matchy !!!:sunglasses:

Paranormal DNA 250C Project Sub-Ohm Edition TC 200W Box Mod × 1 $149.99

Discount (BLAZED10) 	$-14.99 

Subtotal $135.00
Shipping $0.00
Total $135.00 USD


That’s… funky.