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Vape Mail 2018


@SessionDrummer, thanks for info, the supreme , and V2 is my next choice, another Team Steam fan !!!


I got a Reload clone with Bubble tank thats gold and the original Reload and there is no difference, in fact I vape the clone more !!!


The Uwell Crown 3 mini arrived and have to say I like this one a lot.
The .4 A1 Kanthal coil is spot on.
I’ll give the .25 coil a chance later and probably order some .5 SS just to
try. ( I only do watts )
So far, this one takes top spot in the rotation.

My search is on hold for now.


Wanted to thank @mjag for helping me score a few Ephro Iguana’s a while back. Man this thing is a little, blue, flavor stomping, ass kicking, cloud chucking little monster.

Henceforth da spam …


YES, it IS a mech, and you’ll shoot your eye out …

See the real review …


When you close that panel door it’s like closing a safe, a really nice clicking sound and it sits perfectly in place with absolutely no movement at all.
Amazingly well built mod. Congrats on a good buy.


Good to know! I’ve been reading a LOT about the Reload, so I finally decided to give a shot to see what all the fuss was about. I even ordered some spare bubble glass(Those were the extra glasses in my order-meant to order one for the Reload and one for the Billow, but I dun goofed…)


Isn’t that just the BEST feeling? It’s like a little corner of heaven just clicked into place!(OK, so maybe “heaven” is a bit hyperbolic, but still feels good mang!)


@Spatchka I like the drip tip and bubble glass as well.


you’re gonna love the Reload. It’s been my goto for months now.


Ahhh, still love me that Iguana. Almost bought a dotsquonk but I thought why, I already have a great 20700 squonker Glad your enjoying it!


Any tips/fave builds? I’m sure I’ll do a quick cruise on yt for ideas, but I’m always open to suggestions!


@mjag It’s really hard to find faults with it. The tube and bottle might be a bit too squishy, leading to tweezer tube installs, but wow, just can’t knock what ain’t broke.


I’ve been using 28x3/36g 3mm ID flattened fused claptons and loving it. I don’t stuff the cotton all the way down the channels. I find it wicks better with the cotton folded into the lip of the juice channel blocking the opening. Although it works fantastic on any mod, I prefer it on the DNA 250. Good luck and enjoy!


I’m using that method a lot on a lot of atties. Kind of a hybrid between wicking and damming. If I give the vertical wicking shafts the designation of wicking channel and the opening to the perimeter of the deck the juice port, I will cut my cotton 1/2 way through the juice port, fluff the cotton and rake only the last maybe 3,4 mm of the cotton. This dams the channel and provides open pores to the juice ports. This method even stops Ammit single 25’s from “weeping”. Great technique imho.


I do mine the same way. Haven’t tried it on all of my tanks, but quite a few of them seem to work much better. Glad to know this method gets the Ogre Seal Of Approval


That is too funny. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Ogre thing for sure. Love the flavor that wicking provides as well. Never goes dry.


You know, Thinking about it a little more, I sure would love to have an “Ogre Seal Of Approval”. That would be a hoot to use with reviews. You are truly genius!


So bright my parents called me Sun :rofl:


Are you running the fused clapton dual or single coil in the Reload?